Instant Pot Turkey Chili- Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

Sarah Carey shows us that browning the ground turkey and aromatics on the “Saute” setting of the Instant Pot before simmering is essential for depth of flavor in …


  1. That pot spinning every time she stirred something had to be very annoying for Sarah – you can tell this wasn’t her normal method of cooking.

  2. Why did they block out the brand during the close up of the insta-pot? You could still see the “Martha” logo in other shots? Isn’t this a Martha channel? Why block your own logo?

  3. Dry beans only take 20 minutes to cook in an instant pot. You are using cooked beans and have sauteed all the ingredients, it should be ready in less than 10 minutes.

  4. I enjoy your videos &all your dishes,I use to watch you On TV,but Sorry I made chilie today & it is a lot better than your turkey chilie.🙆🌈😀

  5. Honestly, it's pointless to cook turkey chili in an instant pot cuz it's not a tough cut of meat. You can cook it in about the same time as a stove. Once you saute and add everything together, let it simmer for about 20-30 min. If you cook turkey for too long it becomes gritty and dry. The same thing with beef. You want beef to be tender with some texture. I hate when beef is cooked for so long it becomes stringy. That's just my personal preference.

  6. Sooooo…
    Where's the "Instant Pot"?
    The title is misleading, Instant pot is a brand name but you're using "Martha".

    the recipe would work in any pressure cooker though.

  7. I loved the recipe but I didn’t liked the pressure cooker at all… first the bowl was moving around as she was stirring so she had to actually hold the thing with a towel. Second… the pressure cooker did almost nothing you could actually do over the stove in this particular recipe

  8. YES more Instant Pot recipes please. I can’t take anymore of the horrible recipes on the Instant Pot groups where they all call it the Instapot.

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