Indivita – What's the difference between Hemp vs Marijuana ?

What’s the difference between Hemp and Marijuana? Often criminalized, Cannabis, Hemp and Marijuana are growing in popularity. But what actually is it?

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  1. With Respect…
    And a.. Kind of "sorry" but this is a big subject.
    I mean, "lucky we can even contemplate thinking about the Herb that has waged war with The greatest superpower on earth, "🇺🇸"and has been victorious defeating them. "It trully must! be "Dangerous" thing, a "terrorist" even 🤯.

    But, "addictive",… Really!?
    That is Not! a reality.
    40yrs of usage, i have put it down, many times for different reasons, travel, no access, stopping completely, immediately, no withdrawals, zero, no side effects except that strong unending, mind boggling pain returns and opiate use increases to replace rhe brain's inability to keep up its own production, (that is a medical fact), sleep is not as peacefully gained, a collapsed disc and almost severed sciatic nerve and subsequent, full apparatus fusion, then followed by recovery and subsequent car wreck, make that hard.

    I Cannot take any other form of Sleep inducing med, herbal or otherwise, as being immobile during sleep causes great stiffness the next day.

    ThC is responsible for it's "Criminal effects" only because Criminals criminalised it.
    Mainly because it covers four thousand other illnesses and leads one away from alcohol, and gambling, crimes not made illegal by criminal minds in power.

    High thc is prescribed in non Nazi state countrues as the! Go to pain killer,
    Maybe when theyve killed off everyone who knows better theyll be able to preach lies and get away with it.

    First Big Brother, police controling and middle manning all cannabis operations, now, their mates "lawed up" to produce a "lite" version devoid of all it's God Given Powers and yes God did give it, in the Garden, The gift of Herb to Man.

    Of course our Governments are Masonic and therefore Satanic and hate Gods gift to Man, choosing Alcohol, tobacco, gambling, prostitution and the like to fund their Pagan paradimns.

    Free all Cannabis.
    An adult who does not mix it with other drugs or alcohol makes perfectly sensible, rational and logical decisions, and we are supposed to pretend Alcohol is ok, it makes one part with ones money easier and keeps cops in business.

    What would! they do Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights if they were not baby sitting the horrors of alcohol and Monday morning Court houses would be Ghost townish.

    Oh they couldn't give a damn about alcohol's repercussions.
    Big Alcohol business has bought off The politicians, and police, they will lose big $$$ when people realise "starving your brain of oxygen and converting testosterone to estrogen is not fun or good for oneself, Their families or the communuty.

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