1. 1 in 10 people trust government? Could it be, 1 in 10 people are employed by government?
    The Central Bankers have built a barn on a shithouse foundation… This cannot end well.

  2. So what happens to mining stocks when the stock market crashes ? I'm very interested to know the answer to this. If the gold bull runs now but the stock market still has not crashed yet is it worth being in the mining stocks before the market tanks or should one invest in gold and silver stocks after the market crash ?

  3. Stoeferle suggest for the common individual on the street, what should predict or prep for the total collapse of the monetary system! Weimar republic was a experiment that went bust with continues wars ie… same with the USA dollar

  4. Terrific analysis of precious metals. As a "gold bug" I will be sharing this interview. At 32:00 when Ronald breaks down the three big indicators of inflation this is outstanding. This interview is truly a top-notch lesson in economics.

  5. I learned so much from this interview. I love the way that they went into such detail about what has been happening behind the scenes. I will definately be reading the "In Gold We Trust" report and also downloading the reports listed here from the Wealth Research Group channel. Time to start studying up on precious metals. Thank you so much for everything you share.

  6. Ronald Stoeferle is one of my favorite analysts when it comes to gold. His detailed breakdowns are stellar. This interview is one of his best. And very timely with the breakout of precious metals. Great guest. Great host. Great channel. Keep up the great work!

  7. Here comes gold! And silver too! Very excited and stoked about the precious metals. Lior always has such great guests. At 17:16 when Lior asks Ronald about the correlation between gold prices and supply/demand output … excellent question and fantastic analysis from Stoeferle!. Truly a great interview for all gold investors.

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