in GABORONE UP in THE CBD looking for a Bus Ticket. And Finding everything else

in GABORONE UP in THE CBD looking for a Bus Ticket. And Finding everything else The One Video chat. MAKE MONEY $$$ with your phone. CALLTHEONE.


  1. African Americans must come salad in Namibia, Equatorial Guinea and Botswana because, these countries are ))))), they have little population two and three million.

  2. I’ve been obsessed with Gaborone from afar, as I plan to visit there soon. It’s good to see content from a brother who’s shedding light on this magical place. Can’t wait to visit!

  3. If you ever pass by here check out chez Nicholas club(cbd)

    Or cigar lounger in phakalane. phakalane is our surbubs here.

  4. Definitely missed the cool night entertainment spots and eateries but great video dude. I know you had a limited time but there were times i felt like "turn this corner" and you'd be amazed. Ive travelled places and other countries without guides and tours and as long as the place is safe like my country here its also a cool way to explore. Thanks for coming

  5. I don't understand why you keep telling him he was robbed/ripped on the taxi fare…no they did not rob him…he took an exclusive option of a cab…or "special" not public transport…a CAB/SPECIAL TAXI is $4, the advantages of it is that it picks you up exactly where you are and drops you exactly where you want to go exclusively but the public taxi that is 5PULA OR 0.50 CENTS, sharing it with 4 people, you have to know where to get it and exactly where you are going,it will drop you at any nearest stop on its route,because it carters for many people. it is convenient if you know your way around but to save yourself stress …SPECIAL TAXI OR CAB..are the best and worth $4….
    this wasn't a taxi scam because you are tourists like i find in Asian countries..AND $4 is a standard price set by the government..BATSWANA are not scammers..

  6. Next time you come to Botswana…, PLEEASE let me know… I'd love to meet you and give you Botswana tour, from a Motswana's side. I feel a lone tourist experience is quite different because you experience what you come across. I experience what I choose because Im firmiliar with the place. (Hope I make sense 😕). But seriously, next time you come, let's "Twanarize" (word doesn't exist by the way) you..

    But thanks for sharing your Botswana experience… #CoolVideo💃💃

  7. There are a few night clubs, and there is a night life. However, the slow place of Gaborone is a major factor that influences the activities that a person could do.

  8. And guess what… @9:15 i took a photo of myself by that road and the US Embassy Security came over, forced me to delete not only the photo i took, but to format my card and lose all the videos, images, music and everything, thats how much we still get abused by Americans in our own soil… and guess what… im in America right now, we exchanged places hahahahaha

  9. You've given me a vlog format idea…got loads of video footage from my trip to Maun…will make a video from it. Woohooo!

  10. Hi Jermaine. My name is Martin and I am a private tour guide for Africa. If ever you will want to see and feel the real Africa just let me know.

  11. There are night clubs. You unfortunately met the wrong people. And you really can't compare Gaborone to Joburg because joburgs population is double the population of Botswana as a whole. Our food though, is literally the same as joburg food, you clearly didn't visit the right eating places. But all in all your vlog was interesting to watch. Botswana is really very relaxed and slow, and data is ridiculously expensive, agreed.

  12. The are is cigar lounge bro, clubs are all over, you should have asked around, people rage hard

  13. There you go Zambia house you should visit Zambia and see the mosi o tunya falls translated 'the smoke that thunders'.Youll be next to Zimbabwe as well as experience wih microlight to see falls eye view.Please improve on interaction with locals and more understanding their custom food culture jjust to mention.Its too self centred these voyages are.

  14. My Home Country,its super refreshing to see someone who actually wants to experience sumn before formulating an opinion.Thank you loads for documenting

  15. yoh u ddnt experience jack gabz has alot to offer plus ur prices are high next go wit a local resident to show u around

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