Immigration: 3 Reasons They Can’t Deport Millions Even if They Want to

Over the last few years, we’ve heard a lot of people demanding that all illegal immigrants need to be deported, literally millions of them. Depending on your point …


  1. Today, via the AP (and other sources) – "U.S. immigration officials raided numerous Mississippi food processing plants Wednesday, arresting 680 mostly Latino workers in what marked the largest workplace sting in at least a decade."

    680 is the largest in a decade….so our number still continue to match up. If ICE was able to pull off the largest in a decade – every single day of the year, they'd detain 248,200 people per year. If they're able to deport every single one of them, it's still not even close to the numbers needed to deport "millions"

  2. With all due respect to the host this is old news. I've had lunch-time conversations about this very subject since the early 90's. Building a wall may help but I'd like to see more local police taking criminals into custody and deporting them back to their home countries….essentially weeding out the bad guys. I've hired illegals to trim my trees, install granite tops, pour flat work around my house and other things. They all work hard, clean up after themselves, never complain and I usually give'm and extra $100 or 2 cuz they work so hard.

  3. State law does not trump federal law the bottom line is anyone who says a state has jurisdiction over the federal government is lying. The people of the world do not have the rights American citizens. Sancuary city's cannot get stronger when they are being sucked dry by illegal immigrants.. just look at them and its easy to see what happens. This is why its more about keeping the economy growing so there is jobs for everyone. Then Change the immigration laws to limit immigration based on how many and what type of jobs are available. Something has to be done because at its current rate legal and illegal immigration is sucking economy's dry all over the country and like you said we dont have the facilities or agencies to support these people.. so let's keep them out of the country until they are welcome. It's not that hard to understand, I'm not going to pay for a guy squatting in my home , especially when he isent helping around the house and he is making it harder to keep food on the table. A crazy party trying to build a new voting machine is not a good reason to allow people to break the law. Stockholm syndrome of the left does not change the facts in anyone else's mind because they are just facts , up didn't change places with down you are just being fooled into supporting the things you say you are against so stop supporting the new democratic plantation.

  4. Another issue and fact with the People who are Americans talking about other Americans being traitors. I feel that many of the Americans are traitors because when they see us trying to get our Families and significant others in order to speak highly of them and be proud that they are contributing to America. The other haters tell our People to do the most annoying, illiterate things then have the audacity to say that we are controlling them. We are controlling Black Men by helping them to get jobs, go to School to receive the credentials that they need for the job that they are interested in, and ask them to be honest about wanting to be single or in a relationship. We are teaching Americans so wrong. I get so tired of local Law Officials, Courts, and Representatives watching us to agitate us. If we regulate our Families we birthed to stay on top of knowing what's important and who they are. They tell them that we are controlling them for that too and then want to lock them in nasty cages with food that is not edible when they commit no purpose in life crimes. I cannot stand the way that we are manipulated by very disturbed People. We are not controlling for working three jobs showing that we bought a home and dealing with the Police's Trespassers who house Suspects in the homes of hard working People without a Judge's order or any Court order from the correct jurisdiction that makes sense without evidence and do not arrest them. That gives us rights not to give a F about their tainted one-sided Laws. As far as illegal Immigration. With all the made up Laws and illegal practices everyday. Immigration is the least of our rusty judicial system. Living in reality is our number one problem in America.

  5. If illegal Immigrants cannot be sent to their Countries. People need to stop telling People who are from this Country to go anywhere. People also have to consider the facts that are TRUE whether other Races want to admit this truth or not. Most Black People who told other Races to go back to where they came from when they were being told to go to African where they NEVER been. These Black People did not know the Races, Countries, or if they were legal Immigrants. Black People cannot spot a Race and give everything that the Races are mixed with and assume that they are from America. Most Black People ate identified quickly as Black People not Africans. Mostly every Race knows that they are from America. That's one plus with Black People since we are always given all the negative BS.

  6. I think it was July 12 2019 that 18 illegal alien (undocumented) hacked to death 7 people in Cali , could be more as they dumped bodies in the desert. Hopefully these State officials lose their loved ones instead of ordinary people to illegals. Vote these DEMO assholes out of office problem solved.

  7. Some meaningful alternative to deportation will be discovered. After all, that's how this always ends. Always always, without end, Amen.

  8. I am fortunate to benefit from Michael Bolton's scholarship. He has established my trust in the integrity of facts that he puts forth. Here, the facts presented are horrific to me and painful to hear on multiple levels. But I want to know.

  9. I believe there's on critical factor you failed to consider. If and when a massive move to deport illegals nationwide activates, millions of citizens will rush in to report and assist in any way possible. That would turn the tide.

  10. ‼️We need to get ride of all wealfair and taxes. That’s the problem. Borders are not the problem. Open borders improve an economy if you have no wealfair!!!!!
    Open borders + weal-faire= BAD
    Open borders+ no wealfair and free market = GOOD
    The answer isn’t to close the borders the answer is to get ride of wealfair!!!!!!!‼️

    What r ur thought? Am I wrong?

  11. Doesn't the federal law TRUMP local law where the borders are concerned? Who is responsible for the borders? the Feds. The laws that are made to impede this action are illegal according to the Constitution. You almost sound as if you're in favor of disobedience to the law. Otherwise are you saying our Sovereignty is of no value. Sneak in and you beat the system? Then let's just open the borders and become a non-country. Then the New World Order takes over. I think you haven't looked far enough.

  12. US Constitution mandates citizenship and border matters to Fed govt. which tells me these pro-Sanctuary State & local officials are violating constitution. Can't these local elected be subject to removal and arrested & endicted by Feds? Supreme Court will have to enforce constitution.?

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