Illinois Hemp Legalization News – Licensing Rules Finalized

Illinois has finalized its rules for licensing and registration of industrial hemp. The state should have a crop in for 2019. To help people that want to get into the …


  1. I have a shop,and I want to sell hemp buds in Ohio .It says in the rules that any person can buy or sell hemp.But you need a processing license to package it.I have seen shops sell packaged hemp buds already and I’m wondering how is this possible.Is there a way I can get around the license and just sell straight out a bag ?I also don’t see the applications on the usda site ,I really need more guidance on this process……please contact me at

  2. SO AWESOME that you're going to have Keith Stroup on! LOVE LOVE LOVE NORML! Anyone who believes and wants to be a part of the change in marijuana laws NEEDS to be a part of or involved in the Illinois chapter of NORML!!! and Wow, You got the big dog. ..You're the shit man, that's so cool! Congrats!!! ~Kari Derry, Medical Cannabis Outreach.

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