1. I was wondering if you did a test on these, as I have two of the large ones, and one of the smaller ones. Thank you!!!

  2. No Shane , No gain! I'm absorbing as much of ur lighting knowledge as possible…thank you for making the info digestible, and for demystifying the light game for a relative newbie like myself!

  3. The results should be enhanced with some Mylar walls around the plants. Do you think it would be good for seedling in cups with that sort of little Mylar enclosure or some reflective sheets?

  4. Thank for that. I am new to artificial plant lighting and I know nothing. I do have a couple of bonsais ( Ficus Retusa) which struggle through the winter months and I have been trying to get good advice on a good option for a couple of them for the winter months here in Yorkshire. This possible is the one I am looking for as the overhead gantry of lights gives a nice mobile use and ease of use for my home use. Any advice would be great. Tim Marshall

  5. Hi Shane my fellow Irishman .love the videos and learning lot about grow lights from yourself keep up the good work

  6. Thank you for the review and for all your other useful videos. You really help to cut through the obfuscation in the grow light industry. I'm looking for a compact, relatively low wattage LED to grow some basil and parsley through the darker months. I've already got two 24W T5 propagation lights but would be happy to cut down on the electricity use a bit more. This IKEA light seems like it would do quite well, though like you say it is a little pricey for what you get. Have you any opinion on the Secret Jardin 26W TLED? It's similar in price to the IKEA light and the numbers on their website ( http://www.secretjardin.com/spectrum-and-p-a-r.php ) suggest a PPFD of 51 when used in combination with a grow tent.

  7. To be hounest. I actually think that PPFD is not good at all, but ok, there must be a lot of worse crap on the market then…

  8. Hi Shane, loving the honesty as always. More than interested with the results that little VAX gives you

  9. Nice. I got a few new lights I want to measure and compare, going to use your method of calculating the average and the efficiency.

  10. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the great videos that you produce – I hope you have lots of success with your business, you deserve it!

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