…If cannabis cures cancer and the government have known for decades does this make them murderers?

Babies ‘are still not safe’ at scandal-hit NHS maternity unit: Damning report into dozens of deaths at Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital reveals fatality rate is still …


  1. Goody Goody, Christmas is off, all for that.
    Banks not happy, please spend money you have not got, please get into debt, so we can appropriate your property.
    Update, N H S, really pushing hard for "White Trash" to take up, Keep Your Gob Shut, Vaccine. Strictly, Get Vaccinated Now !. "Strictly, in a way that involves rigid enforcement or that demands obedience."

  2. A: YES … even GCmaf a natural D binding vitamin antibody protein produced in our bodies is outlawed… crazy right?

  3. answer to the question in the title… absolute yes! … stop crime that hasn't been committed?  Makes no sense, if a crime has not been committed, there is no crime!  I wonder if there's 5G or 'smart' tech around those baby deaths?  Nasa photo lol 👍

  4. When that traitor Bitch Treason May signs that migration pact, the invasion will 10 fold and our country will be overloaded with their scum

  5. Murderers is a bit strong, but I agree with your sentiment, because they undoubtedly know of cures for cancer, but have successfully lobbied your politicians, who haven't an f ing clue about drugs to legislate and ban their use as advised by interest parties, ie Big pharma. Until these cancer cures are recognised by the medical profession and are allowed to prescribe them to their patients in law, we are up a shitcreek without a paddle. Negligence would stand more of a chance in getting a conviction against the government and possible recompense for the victims families, if it can be proven they are preventing treatment that is proven to work. Public and media pressure would force them to legalise it….eventually

  6. The NHS needs to be run like McDonalds lol what a total cunt, the NHS should NEVER be a profit making organisation, every hu-man should get the best healthcare available free to all regardless of the cost, Nye Bevan is doing summersaults I bet.

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