I tried CBD oil for my mental health

Today I’m sharing my experience taking CBD oil for depression, OCD, anxiety & insomnia after using it for 7 months. In this video I talk about why CBD appealed …


  1. Thank you for the video, you explained things so well. I dont live near a legal dispensary so I've been hesitant. Just ordered Soleil Free online!

  2. Before I fall asleep I Usually get sleep anxiety that keeps me up. Ever since starting cbd a week ago I’ve only had sleep anxiety for one night and it only lasted 20 minutes. I think it’s really helping me!

  3. I barely got onto vaping CBD oil today. I can say that I never felt any better! It's already helping me with my anxiety, my horrible back pain, my depression, and with me going to sleep.

  4. Thank you for the breakdown at 11:10: 🗣"How do you prefer to consume it?" I prefer a daily dosage of some combo of CBD capsules or CBD gummies in the morning, and microdosing with my vape pen throughout the day. At night I consume another 25mg of measured CBD. The CBD market needs more transparency. Thank you for the review! Have a great day!

  5. How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  6. I can’t wait for Australia to make this easier to get, currently only available by prescription which not all drs can give and extremely difficult to get. Suffering severe anxiety and panic in a body that totally rejects medications is no fun

  7. I didn’t realize you were nervous at all. Great job! Your videos are always so informative and I appreciate your genuine honesty. Thank you. 🌸💗

  8. Love this! I use cbd for my anxiety & it has helped me so much💛 Where did you purchase the CBD Move ?

  9. I also use Cbd oil for insomnia and it does help it’s finally legal here and I did get my mm card so I can buy the “good” stuff lol 😂 I can also buy a low thc high Cbd oil that just helps me relax which is helpful for me to turn off the brain to sleep better

  10. Thanks for sharing!❤
    I'm on a lot of medications for depression, anorexia and social anxiety. I would love to get off my sleeping pills and try CBD instead. I think it's illegal here in Sweden tho 😭

  11. Okay pretty sure you are my Canadian twin. I also have depression, anxiety, OCD, and ADHD and chronic insomnia. I also have asthma and weak lungs so smoking anything is hard for me. And I also had horrible experiences with actual pot making me way more anxious and disassociate! Lol… CBD helped me a lot in the past too. I am super sensitive to everything so I doubt I'll ever work up to 100mg but 300 worked well for me and I think I can up it to 500mg. Like you said, it's not a cure, but it definitely just takes some of the metaphorical weight off your shoulders and gives your brain a chance to take it's time processing things rather than always running a million miles a second.

  12. 💔mental illness can truly be so damn heartbreaking. I hope u continue to get the benefits from this product. Ur such a sweet young woman, u remind me of my daughter in law (ok, she'll officially be my D.I.L@2:30today since theyre gettn married today❤)lol ur so much like her, shes adorable…just like u! Im a relatively new viewer, only 3rd or 4th clip ive watched but I cant stop watching!!😆👊lol
    Anyhoo…i hope u keeep gettn good results. Idt theres ANYTHING as good as a nice nites sleep!👊😁
    ** btw, my daughter n i both experienced that odd/scary feeling the last time either of us tried to smoke weed (of course neither of us smoked together or at the same time🤯im just not one of those moms lol) i literally felt so out of control i called my live-in bf home from work!!! I was completely freaking out. Weed has definitely changed since i was a kid (weird bcuz i member my own mother saying this when she was in her mid-late 4ps too and had tried weed after going 20 some yrs w.o. using any, she also flipped out smh poor girl💔). Same w my daughter…she couldnt stop crying, had to haver live in bf console her. All 3 chicks mentioned here tho smoked regularly as teen agers. Weird rite!??🤯😳🤪

  13. Thank you for this! I am nervous to even bring this up to my mental health professional. I shouldn’t be, but there is such a stigma against these types of alternative medicines. I want to try plants before I try chemicals. I am so interested in trying to use CBD for my depression and anxiety.

  14. I badly wanna try CBD but it's not legal in the Philippines yet 😭and our president is crazy lol

  15. Thank you for making this video!! I know CBD has helped many ppl w/depression, anxiety, as well as horrible body pain (replacing synthetic drugs). So glad this had helped you! 💫💕

  16. Why are you so gorgeous? ❤💕
    Seriously your skin is flawless and your whole presence is just like an angel!😱💕

    And THANK YOU so much for stressing the topic about dissociation + cannabis because I'm ALSO "against" all psychopharma but would love to try more natural medicine because I'm a huge believer in it..🍃🍃
    However, I do have dissociative disorder from childhood trauma PLUS I have autism so it makes it even worse.
    I just really wish there was a way to take away all these obsessive thoughts that are literally taking over my life right now, full blown obsessive-compulsive-autistic-fixations seem to be the ruler of my life right now and I can't eat or sleep or think and I get so tired 😤

    But anyway, hank you so much for telling me about your experience with weed.
    You're so cheerful and calming to listen to! ^-^ 👏💕

  17. Thank you for being so candid about why you've chosen to try CBD. I've been considering trying it to combat my anxiety in order to sleep…I might have to now!!

  18. Thank you so much for making this video I’ve thinking about trying CBD now I’m definitely going to do more research for myself! Also your openness about your mental health is refreshing because so many people just don’t do it and it so important! ❤️

  19. So thankful for this video Sari!!! Definitely would love to try CBD move! It's about time I try CBD oil.

  20. Wow that just made me like you even more! I didn’t know about your mental health issues and I relate so much with it! It feels so good everytime I hear someone else talk about it because it means I’m not alone!! Thanks for opening up, super interesting video, was pretty much like a skincare review but for CBD 😅✨🙏🏼

  21. Thank you Sari for sharing a personal topic with your subscribers. I value your opinion as you are always honest and down to earth with your viewers. I think that this information will help a lot of people. I think that I’ll give it a try. Like you, I don’t do well with meds. 😘

  22. CBD helped me with inflammation. No ibuprofen for menstral cramps anymore!!!! I just don’t need it since starting CBD.

  23. Yessssss thank you!!! I've been waiting for you to upload this video ever since you first mentioned it!! 🙌I really value your opinion because I know you are always truthful and real with your veiwers, and topics such as these can be so personal. Im glad to hear your thoughts and opinions. 💜

  24. I live in KY but the website says contact them for shipping outside the US for an estimate. (naturesrhythmky.com) . I kind of just went with my local stores recommendation having no background knowledge of the product or dosage, obviously knowing dosing can vary from person to person. I started with the 600mg cinnamon extract and have LOVED it. It helps put my mind back on track and get through the day. My primary health concern is anxiety/overwhelming feelings. CBD=❤️

  25. i've just found where to by CBD oil online in the UK its not on amazon. They sell Hemp oil which isn't the same apparently. anyway i've been hearing a lot of good things

  26. Does anyone have any experience using CBD oil/cream for body pain? I have chronic pain/fibromyalgia and just lots of pain.. headaches, tightness, etc. I also have depression/ocd/and anxiety so it could be a double help! Need something to take the body pain away dude. Walking itself hurts. I do suffer from dissociation/depersonalization as well so idk if CBD would make that worse or better or not affect it at all. If anyone has some info please inform me!

  27. Thank you so much for this video. I have social anxiety and I get anxiety attacks every couple days. This video make me feel more relaxed like I’m not alone.

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