I took 6000mg of THC…

I have not uploaded on YouTube for a bit due to my drinking videos getting deleted, and I received 2 strikes. New videos every Tuesday, and nelk every fckn …


  1. Can't believe you just pumped 5 grams of distillate straight on to your tongue. I know that stuff doesn't taste bad especially with added terpenes but damn.

  2. I bet this idiot doesnโ€™t even know what thc stands for neither does the idiot viewers low life losers

  3. Bioavailability from eating wax is absolutely minimal, you wasted 5x 850mg syringes but you maybe absorbed 1/2 of 1

  4. You're definitely doing horrible with uploading every Tuesday you should take that statement off the picture….

  5. Imagine how dead hed be if he was 16/10 drunk or 16/10 nicotine/tobacco high lmao why was weed less legal than alcohol and cigs again??

  6. These videos are great proof for the scientific studies on THC. THC does more good then harm! How much evidence do we need that THC should be legal federally?

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