“I Smoked Two Blunts Before Every Game”: NFL Vets on Cannabis in Football

It was the best thing for me.” NFL vets open up (and light up) on weed like never before, from playing high to pain management #BRx420 Find more exclusive …


  1. I was 12 when I first got high (smoked a tad before) and I though that I was in a fucking movie and I was watching myself live my life. All my vision was in ultra high definition (hd) and then I just slept lol

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  3. I used too smoke before every game & practice in high school and I regret it. I was lazy as shit and always forgot plays.

  4. great job big dude talkin about sports gives them a platform to speak that is some real talk there thanks guys good thing they dont test all the people who watch it lol probally on the agenda tho so

  5. Smoking after a big game and that extreme relaxation after getting the dub is a one of a kind feeling!

  6. Not much like a blunt music 1st thing in the am you cooking breakfast windows open sit down watch some of your fav shit while you eat thn strting your day 😊😊

  7. I play dline and played my best game high smoked a blunt hour and a half before the game was at the perfect level when the game started had 5 sacks in the first half and 2 forced fumbles finished the game with 7 sacks got player of the week after that one of the greatest feelings ever tbh

  8. Crazy I had 2 concussions and I wish I would have know that it helps you heal because the only thing the doctors gave me was Tylenol it took me almost 2 months to be cleared and I’m only in high school

  9. When this dude was in college, he hit weed out of a apple.. what kinda broke ass student has a Apple to smoke out of daily. In middle school we would carry bongs in our backpack to be in college now, I only carry my Puffco around.

  10. Once you get use to smoking you can do your everyday activities like you're sober. It can energize you and relax you.

  11. I played DT for a large high school and played at a division 1 college. We used to smoke mad buds right in the locker room before and blasted metallicas master of puppets and rage against the machines know your enemy. We lost 2 games in 4 years. After when i moved onto college i noticed 2 types of ball players. Boys who smoked weed before games. The other type were hooked on pain pills and some graduated to snorting heroin. Was a bad scene. The pill guys never got old most of them died before hitting 50. The weed guys are still around doing their grind.

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