Hunting For A Rare Congolese Weed Strain With “The Kings of Cannabis” | VICE on HBO

Over the past 20 years, Franco Loja and Arjan Roskam, known as the “Kings of Cannabis,” have made millions of dollars scouring the world for unique strains of …


  1. VICE News met up with the “Kings of Cannabis” for a trip to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to hunt for one of the rarest species of Cannabis yet, the original Congolese landrace.

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  2. That village seems like a family. That's so interesting to me. I would love to see documentaries on them next.

  3. People in the comments complaining about harvesting seeds, one of the most sustainable resources on the planet, yet meanwhile China and other east nations are ravaging the continent with the illegal wildlife trade and their demand for endangered animal parts.

    RIP Franco Loja

  4. Partner probably had him whacked. The only person in their business that was getting a large % aside from the main owner was the guy that died. If that were the case, the value of the percentage of the business wouldn’t outweigh the value this late partner had on the business. He did all the dirty work and did it with a passion.

  5. Those white devils getting rich raping the motherland. He didn’t know he was being voodooed and not blessed like he thought…

  6. $50 is all u can offer a man who you are in his territory in order to make more money despite u were flexing a huge ass boat. Even though he asked for $50 more they should’ve opened up with way more, like $200 minimum, have some damn decency

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