HPV and Head & Neck Cancer w/Dr. Patrick Ha | Incident Report 171

The Chief of Head & Neck Surgical Oncology at UCSF joins us again to drop more mad knowledge about cancer, HPV, and more. He also answers questions …


  1. I completed my Radiation from HPV16 head and neck Cancer in Sept 2017, Get your kids vaccinated !!! If you could prevent the pain that I went thru by getting this vaccine you owe this to you kids. The pain of a neck dissection and and removal of the oral pharynx is unbearable . I had a tumor on my tonsil and one lymph node in my neck. I have a scar from my ear to the middle of my throat they removed 23 lymph nodes. My primary tumor was in the tonsil and was small. The one lymph node was over 4 cm and was my indicator. You now can have the vaccine up to the age of 45. I do not have it vaginally. Everyone in the 80s and 90s were exposed to the virus. Some people can clear this and some bodies cannot unfortunately my body did not clear it and my doctor said this virus was in my body for over 20 years ! GUYS GET YOUR KIDS VACCINATED !!!

  2. So can you carry the virus and have it appear later in life and can biopsies show the strain(if not necessarily testing for it)???

  3. This was fascinating. I really would love to see you do a nation wide tour with various docs and topics presented. Since you don't do much as an internal med doc anyway.

  4. Thank you so much for spreading awareness for head and neck cancer.
    I had TWO primary H&N cancers, neither of which were HPV-related and no risk facotrs for either. This happens more often than one might think. I'm grateful for my team and people like Dr. Ha who help us to survive!

  5. Notification squad!
    I got my HPV shots at planned parenthood. Great place to go, especially no insurance or money.
    I love you Zdogg. Thank you for the great content, being relatable and being funny 🙂
    Wish the Zdogg family all the best.

  6. Im 24 and never got this as a teen, it was fairely new at the time, and now im planning on speaking to my doctor about getting it

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