How You Can Get a DUI on Weed | WheelHouse

As legalization gains momentum around the nation, one question is getting asked over and over: Is driving high as bad as driving drunk? Nolan explores the …


  1. Thats bullshit lol i be driving high all the time i drive way better i feel more focused on the road its all on the people how they get affected by the weed put me on a test run ill pass that driving test easily

  2. WATCH FIFTH GEARS VIDEO ON THIS SUBJECT…more non biased information…not to mention it was made over 15 years ago..

  3. Pot does not effect balance the way alcohol does. It is a muscle relaxant and at very high levels of use. Alcohol actually causes the balance deficit by damaging axioms' insulating sheaths. So by simply copying the alcohol DUI test over to pot DUI's just reveals the bigoted ignorance of law enforcement on the issue. BTW let the guy have an hour to level out and THEN how does he do?

  4. I 100% support marijuana, but I felt unsuitable to drive after smoking a whole gram. I felt extremely relaxed and carefree. Therefore, it’s easier to wreck if you’re stoned then if you’re sober.

  5. Love the show guys , Next time use some that has experience in driving and a high weed tolerance. I’ve been driving and smoking for years in nyc and never crashed or parallel parked like a bozo .

  6. Man, there is alot of dumb asses in the comments arguing " i drive high everyday for the past 5 years, never been in an accident" argument makes no fuckin sense, just because it hasnt happened doesnt justify yourincreasing your chances of killing somebody dick breath.

  7. Do another weed driving experiment with me. I will break his sober record after 6 dabs and a moonrock. Don't do this anymore, but I have over a decade under my belt with zero citations, accidents or really any close call I can think of.

  8. why do yall fuckin virgins who dont smoke gotta make a vid about weed and act like a stereotypical ass stoner. that shit been dead college humor did it in 2010 grow up

  9. In Australia,In each police force has MDT (mobile drug test) in each and every police vehicle so they are both RBT and MDT.

  10. We all know somebody who blaze and drift:) It's certainly not for everybody. Shout out @platformgarage DeadBeats

  11. Danish police: invested in a newer breathalyzer model that could pick up marihuana within 4 hours after smoking, plus other drugs could be sniffed by it…. However, a blood test can still pick up the THC after 2-4 weeks after a single smoked joint. This has caused some controversy, as raw medical marihuana is currently in a test phase here… and some in the test program actually ended up getting busted.

    Not to say I drive better… but there are definitely worse sober drivers out there than your test guy or myself DUIing on the hasheesh…. hell, at least I can still respect the 80KM/H driving limit on the plant while some old fucker drives 50-60 KM/H in the 80 zone. I can stil parallel park while some asshole takes five minutes moving his tank of a BMW into a parking spot, and I can still park within the lines and the "manly" margin of 5 degrees of line deviation while high.

    Yes, I have DUI'd, no, I don't ordinarily do it willingly… No I don't condone driving while high, unless it's an emergency… and no, the need for fast food or groceries is not an emergency!
    And, no, i've (luckily) never been caught… if I had, with even the smallest amount of THC in me, I'd be waving my license goodbye for three years…

  12. It used to be the best place to toke. I can drive better than I can stoned than I can out park and out slalom those nerds you got to take your test. And I'll some two joints to their one and still out run those coppers without a problem. It's the training you smoke to joints in the morning and you smoke two more at night. Then you smoke two more before you smoke two more it makes you feel alright! "and the THC in you bloodstream that helps when you train a lot!!

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