1. they don't want the people to make $$$$$$$ for them self , they want you to just be an 9 to 5 slave

  2. This is ridiculous, let people take what they want, any drug if they feel for it, BUT! With laws about the age ur allowd to use an outher regulations to keep you from causing problems for others,

  3. It's easy to forget they're are still places where you can't just walk into a shop and choose from dozens of different varieties. I've forgotten what it is like to buy from a shady guy who might or might not have shit weed, and worry about getting caught by police

  4. At least medical cannabis is now legal in the UK, now it's the doctors who are failing us*.😢

    *Unless you go private and can afford £250 consultations, plus £1,000 a month for the prescription.

  5. you got no idea how progressive and good are things gouing there compared to finland and sweden cannabis acttivity is on childs shoes like couple sad peace and loving hippies are trying to move this ahead amongs theas suit and tie psycopaths

  6. i did the math and if everyone in the entire world smoked weed heavily, 132,000 people would develop psychosis. for reference over 300,000 people die every year of cigarettes, and no where near everyone smokes cigarettes… so why the fuck is weed illegal. shit dont make any sense. 0 people have died from weed.

    3 MILLION people die every year from harmful use of alcohol (80,000 direct deaths from the substance itself).

    I am very patriotic and love England and Great Britain (despite it’s flaws) but parliament is in a world of it’s own. theyre fucking clueless.

  7. granny u let me down u said grow it dry it sell it u missed the curing 🙁 1 of the most important parts and most peeps skip it :((

  8. I think cocaine is the number drug in UK. There’s a crazy blasé attitude towards cocaine in the UK

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  10. Why almost every criminal I see in UK or any part of Europe,
    Most of them are blacks ?
    Can't they earn money the right way

  11. Eat green smocking green stay clean 😁 doper but cannabis is the best thing that drinking alcohol 💀

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