1. Cannabis is quite energizing at times but every consumer has probably had a moment of consuming sitting back eating chips or in my case fruit watching tv or in my case Netflix lmao 😂

  2. They put him in rehab because he said he wanted to try weed??? And after seventeen years of service?????

  3. I've been on suboxone for years and can not get under half a pill a day without getting sick.

  4. I'm a veteran from Washington State. I replaced "all the pills" with marijuana. Now that I'm looking at a higher paying career, I must pass a drug test (especially including pot).

  5. I dont take pills for my backpain either. Yoga and natural remedies work for me too!! It manages the pain, I'm not without pain. Thanks!!

  6. It turns out Chinese medicines and healing routines that have lasted over 5 thousand years just may work……. Hmm

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