1. I grow all organic non-gmo in soil and food grade equipment and never pesticides , but I still rinse my buds (plain clean gentle room temp water bath only) . Just to rinse off any surface impurities . Most things become MORE Toxic when burned! Many choose a more chemical grow style and think it all just magically goes away at harvest (it doesn't!). Outdoor crops are always washed (fruits,veggies and other) and inspected for quality , Why wouldn't people expect the same with a plant used topically,ingested,smoked,vaped or whatever , especially when any chemical/pesticides are used. (not all pesticides/fertilizers/products are meant for use on ingested/smoked plants)You don't clean the Forrest , you clean what is brought in from outside before putting it in your body . Outdoors or inside, many things unseen will find their way to plants(especially when sprayed on) , Most people just don't want to smoke it. Many just grow a few plants for privet use at home (not a lab), and life can be messy anywhere, so a rinse shouldn't be unheard of . Have a great day all you dirty bud smokers out there , I'll stick with my NON-GMO,NON-PESTICIDE/CHEMICAL , All organic triple rinsed hippy home grown.

  2. this is the dumbest shit iv ever heard to do unless your washing off powdery mildew with h202. but to do this with normal buds is just stupid lol.

  3. Indians should wash their weed before using .. I once did.. my water became brown it was the worst..I had no idea what that was..dirt oil but after that I always washed.

  4. Throw that garbage away, anything with mold and bud rot is dangerous no matter what you do! You cannot wash mold completely off either, it is systemic at that point and is inside the buds and stems of the plant! Why not just spray super good with a hand sprayer or mist hose during the final week or so of flowering to get a wash? He's just a shit grower that can't grow without getting mold and bud rot. Jesus people are really this stupid and so cheap they try to wash off mold and bud rot…Ewwwwwwww

  5. Most of it should be pretty clean … Why don't u just go a bit closer with the trimming. Na fk this been watching to much YouTube cuz. Don't think they would done this 1000 years ago ..

  6. If your bud has PM or Rot it should be tossed I’ve never heard of people washing bud you’re off the drugs

  7. Another old dipshit grower warning do not listen or smoke moldy bud the mold spores are inside the bud seriously just throw it away …

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