How to Treat Kidney Disease with CBD – Revolutionary Pain Reliever for Renal Patients

How Stage 5 CKD Patient Got Out of Dialysis How to treat kidney disease with medical CBD oil – revolutionary pain reliever Subscribe to …


  1. Here epidemiological details are ckd for every 100 member people I'm also research oriented person but I don't all details about CKD treatment madam. I need information about zinger therapy
    Osmo therapy
    American naturopathy is this treatment really suitable for CKD patients

  2. Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to read my comments makes me smile 😊 00 sunshine please keep up the awesome videos and please keep smiling 😃

  3. Hello from Canada 🇨🇦 I know that cannabis or pot is very beneficial for a lot of today’s chronic ailments before my wife passed away she was fighting cancer and did not want to eat and the doc told her to deal with the pain and not eating to try it but she wouldn’t and a friend of mine had ms and was in a wheel chair but he would smoke it and he was able to walk with a cane slowly but he did it their is a few videos explaining it and that’s why they band it it was to beneficial and they couldn’t push their man made pills it’s a natural remedy God’s medicine but awesome video little lady once again you are doing a great job keep the videos coming 👍

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