1. I'm not interested in starting a lawn care business. I don't know why, but this is interesting to me.

  2. I started at 10 years old had no father laid in bed at 9 trying to figure out how make money started with a real push mower hand edger still got my hand trimmer bought in 1970 now I am 59 and started again back then I charged 3 dollars for front 5 for front and back edged and trimmed by hand ended up with 42 customers

  3. Miss a few importation steps. 1. you can not open any bank accounts without your LLC papers Alll LLC and documents must be in your llc name. 2. If your going to use your personal lawn equipment then your going to have to hire your own company to mow your yard as you will need to sale or rent your lawn equipment to your company. 2 Tax ID 3. Insurance for your equipment, General Liability at 1,000,000.00 and workers Comp. 4. find a CPA to help with things like Sale tax and so on, on & on…..

  4. I know that this is kind of an old video so I don’t expect a response but in the first year you said 50 customers is pretty good. Is that 50, one time customers or is it 50 continuing customers? Also do you dabble in snow removal during the winter? I could see that being something great to do during the off season of lawn care professionals other than planning.

  5. Wait what?? Isnt the business license and all that super expensive? How can just anyone go and get that?

  6. Too many people think they can skip these first steps, then they give low quotes and screw up the rates in the area.

  7. The best channel and your information is indepth and very easy to understand and not just saying, Hey look at my awesome mower, Equipment and stripes.

  8. First thing I did is paid all my financial bills off my goal is just to have 30 yards bring my partner on work this summer and take the winners off my monthly bills are $200 a month so I say I've already got a pretty good start

  9. Hi, Jason! I’m interested in buying maintenance company for loans. Maybe you can recommend me some of them in USA? Or maybe you interested in partner ?

  10. Thanks for the good video! It's always been my dream to have my own lawn care business! I had to put it on hold for a few years because I broke my back. Now I'm 39 and on social security. Now I have got back in shape and Im going after my dream! Honestly It's going to be had to get started on social security pay but it's something I love to do! So thank again for your information and I really like your information! God bless you and your business!

  11. I would like to be a licensed residential applicator in Texas. What is the difference between a Commercial and Non-Commercial Applicator? I would like to treat for weeds, insects and fungus control. Ty for any info.

  12. 50 customers is pretty good, so let's say it takes 45 min to mow a yard and most beginning companies charge 45 an HR to that comes to 35.5 hrs total.
    35.5 hrs x 45usd is $1320/week and this can change through out the week, but at this point it would be a full time job. And $1320 is before fuel, maintenance, oil, and paying ur employee if u have one. But yeah. Me and a friend is starting our own and this video helped!

  13. Got a question for Jason Creel, I live in Ellis Co Texas. Do I need a licence to specifically apply weed and feed and 2,4d to my customers lawns. Of course I've researched extensively on Google and on Texas dept of agriculture website, all I get is over complicated, impossible to understand answers. Or from the Lawnsite thread, every answer is exactly opposite of the one before! Just need a yes or no. I have 2 million $ general liability insurance, and I'm asking specifically about the 2 treatments mentioned above. Thanks in advance, MadMike and Son Lawn Care.

  14. I am retired and wanted to stay active. I bought an enclosed trailer from my parents and use my dads truck. I have a zero turn and a self propelled push mower. I have a string trimmer, edger and a hedge trimmer, all run off a single power supply. I also have a gas powered blower/vac. I got a sign for the truck and business cards and t shirts. I have a logo and in my first real year doing this I have 13 customers. I devote 2 full days a week to mow. I also bought a bagger attachment for the zero turn so I can pick up leaves in the fall. I also have a snow blower for clearing driveways and walks in the winter. Your channel has given me some good ideas on what to do, so I thank you for that. Todd owner of Behrlawn Mowing and Yardwork.

  15. I want to thank you for all you help and videos you make. I love your channel and I use it as a go to tool quite often. Once again thank you

  16. What's your recommendation for mowing steep hills? Should you even attempt with a zero turn or just use a push/walk behind?

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