*HOW TO SPOT A fake/bad CARTRIDGE* (king Pen review)

Hey guys I just wanted to make this video so I can warn you about my experience and I dont want that to happen to you when comes to cartridges and what …


  1. The common chemical in fake cartridges is 4-CCB. This chemical metabolizes in the body as cyanide – However; in very low doses, this can still lead to problems such as hyperthermia, RHABDOMYOLYSIS, and renal failure -in the kidneys. There’s not much science done on this chemical, but this research has been conducted on mice. This chemical reacts on the same receptors and in the same way that THC does, it just doesn’t metabolize in the body as THC metabolites. Even though this is considerably a low risk of substance, the fact that it is metabolizing as cyanide inside of you is still not an exciting thought.

  2. The concentrate is supposed to be thick. Like worse than tar thick. If your cartridge flows with just gravity and no heat you have a fake cart.

  3. If the box tell you how much thc is in it and not a sticker on it it's fake real ones have a sticker telling you bc the dispos have to lab test them and tell u the real facts

  4. Easiest way to tell if your kingpen is fake…. is by looking at the mouthpiece. If it just has "kp" inscribed… its 100% fake

  5. Another sign to see if your carts are real is the packaging will not have the THC or CBD content on it it will be on a sticker

  6. Know when the cartridges are like honey that is cold that's a good thingif you spend the bubble upside down and it immediately goes the other side that means it's caught with garbage it looks a little dark but at the same time it doesn't look bad

  7. Thats how u wamt em. U get omes that are thin they suck everyone i had that was thin the distilate is always shitty imoe

  8. Mary just sent you a request on the IG that is very unfortunate! I would like to send you free samples of my products

  9. its not suppossed to be toooo thick or toooo liquidy. its supposed to move around like OIL nothing else. not like water and not what u experienced here.

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