How to refill a Juul pod with CBD

Refilling a Juul pod with full spectrum CBD from Nuleaf Naturals and using BLANKZ pods to simplify the process. Blunt Tip Syringe: …


  1. CBD 500mg Juul pods form dotpod had me feeling pretty nice, you can do this too as well but ugggh so time consuming 🙁

  2. Put the pod in the freezer for a couple minutes after filling. It will thicken the juice and not leak

  3. So i have cbd oil. The under the tounge kind. Can i use that or do i need vape specific non nicotine cbd vape juice shit

  4. I tried refilling a Juul pod with gsc distillate but it leaks out bottom of tank badly. Gets all over connectors but I have seen it work so idk 😐 nice video bruh😎

  5. i got cbd vape juice and i’m trying to refill already once used empty pods. every time i refill it tastes NASTY and burnt and chemically. HELP!!

  6. So I’ve recently found my juul and I’ve used the vape pen for my thc. Can I use the thc from there and put it in the juul pod? I hope you can answer me😬

  7. Fill it and the blow through the top with a paper towel on the bottom and catch all the excess juice and I promise it will never leak again . Good luck

  8. when you smoke this do you get fat clouds as if it were a regular pod? i just get a bad taste and very little smoke.

  9. Hey man, if you want to stop it from leaking just re-pressurizer the cartridge by squeezing the plastic (front and back) together as you're capping the rubber top back on. lmk if this doesn't make sense <3

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