How to Pick your Perfect 510 Thread Prefilled oil vape cartridge, that is best for you by HoneyStick

Have you ever wondered when looking at a 510 thread oil cartridge that is prefilled, how you can expect it to feel and perform? one of our most frequently asked …


  1. Uggghhhhh i just want to know the THREAD TYPES !! I need to know what threads work with wich vape battery. I got a different cartridge and it has a different hole at the thread end.

  2. Vape N any device pods sub ohm can dab it nectar collector it what ever no need to use ccells anymore unless U choose 2 .

    The only proper way 2 make THC oil is Lil Yellow Bus Honey Liquidizer will Liquify all forms extracts and once infused will never seperate so smooth on throat and lungs truly a blessing 4 the critically ill patient and 420 710 communities
    We gotta spot waitin 4 u on the Bus

  3. Good video… if you need to consider the weight difference between plastic and glass you pry shouldn’t be hiking, you pry should be in the hospital.

  4. Just bought a beekeeper 2.0. Can you please tell me what is the proper high quality recommended cartridge for this unit for thicker oils?

  5. Spoiler. No cartridges get you high. On record stating facts. I’ll get one that says 90 percent thc and it doesn’t get me half as high as a bong hit of seedy weed. It’s all bullshit.

  6. So like does it matter what rechargeable batteries you use to smoke weed concentrate? Or can I just go to like 7/11 and buy a e-cig rechargeable battery

  7. I just had a heavy hitter cartridge leak from the bottom airhole. how could this have happened? I had my battery set to 4.2v for the first time

  8. This video is waste if time. Your talking about good and bad but not giving out names! Most important is..ceramic or cotton coil..resistance and top fill no leak. Names are helpful. Long video…but no important info.

  9. Forget bire many ohms. Ohms equals heat and resistance. Larger ohms more resistance.smaller ohms equals more heat less resistance…mouth to lung.

  10. I want to find a tank or cartridge for th c oil that doesn't use cotton . what's the best one tat dies not leak? Thanks

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