1. Awesome video! I personally don't wait time before adding the nutrients and I've had the best luck simply using 3 part Flora and Cal-Mag+ with Armor Si. I'm a fan of keeping things simple and adding the least amount of products possible while still obtaining satisfactory results.

  2. Holy crap or just add well made compost or compost tea whenever you need. Doesn't really cause lock out if the compost is high quality. "Live soil" whoops ass.

  3. This is high frequency fertigation. If you are just learning, be warned that although coco is a popular medium for beginners, it requires more of your time and nutrients than soil. If you use organic or organic base nutrients(Fox Farm) get big bottles.

  4. Hello would you recomend using h2o2 and if yes, in what order I put it? Thanks for your video it helped me a lot.

  5. Hello Dr Coco, just I want to know that how much does it cost you for all these nutrients and everything in particular even the PH PEN & THE OTHER ONE, and thank you anyway.

  6. so i wanna get started growing and I've been doing my research so essentially ppm and ec or the same except ec is more accurate and I basically use it to determine how much nutrients my plant gets to avoid nutrient deficiency or nutrient burn? my concern was adjusting the ppm/ec would throw off the nutrients but i guess that the point huh?

  7. Hey Dr Coco, hope you see this.,

    I have 2 very important questions that I can't find the answers to anywhere.

    1) If you have already buffered your Coco with Cal/mag solution, must you still add the same amount of cal/mag that you have stipulated in the feeding chart or should it be less (like half/a quarter)?

    2) Should your water be filled with nutrients every time you water your plants, or should it be like a 1:1 schedule (as in 1 with nutrients and then 1 without) or maybe a 3:1 schedule (3 times watering with nutrients and then 1 without)?


  8. Zeolite and diatomaceous earth helps plants absorb nutes too. Research the increase productivity with zeolite. Wow.

  9. Hi. As a beginner I am really glad I found you guys. I went to my local hydro.store, and bougth Optical cal mag, Ph down, Flora Bloom, Micro and Gro..plus one bottle of Overdrive and another of BIG Bud. The last botlle I doutb that maybe I may have spent my money more cleverly. Please what are your quick thoutgh? Sorry for my english.

  10. If I'm using Cal mag and the 3 Flora grow bottles I would just put the Cal first then micro ,grow ,and bloom right? Is it fine if I don't have a EC and pH measurer?

  11. Of ypur useing the single calibration ph wands you need to take special care of them. The 2 solution calibration ph wands are cheaper and work better… Way less sencitive to drops in water or on the ground. And they stay tuned longer. I need to calibrate mine now that I think of it.

  12. I’m growing in spagnum peat moss now after growing in coco only with great success. My question is do I still use calmag in the spagnum mix??

  13. Should I use nutrients on a seedling? I just noticed her sprout about an inch tall after I thought she wouldn't grow, with the seed still on the end of the stem. I'm using soil, and I'm a noob grower of autoflowers.

  14. This guys' retarded. Get you a few shot glasses and pipettes. Get a 30 Gallon Brute NSF garbage can with a submersible pump and an air stone. Or you could be a dumbass and make 1 gallon at a time like this guy.

  15. He shouldn't be contaminating his nutrient bottles with the syringe. Don't put anything into the nutrient bottles. Pour as much as you think you need in a shot glass and then dip the syringe into the shot glass.

  16. Try meti 4 3 3 it's a one part ingrediant I planted my plants on march 18th 2019 and its april 21st and those bitches are 3 ft tall I'm flipping in flower in 3 days I paid 55 bucks for 4 litres and it will take me all the way for 10 harvests I like saving money and TIME

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