How To Make THC Vape Cartridges (Or CBD) Organic & Solventless NugSmasher OG – NugSmasher Extraction Bags – …


  1. For sale in Australia? As in 240v available? Any Australian stockists? Preferably east coast say somewhere around south East Queensland would be nice. Lol.

  2. Just received my Mini and LOVE IT thank you so much! Can you please tell me what brand that MOD is that your injecting your juice into at the end? THANKS!

  3. That’s awesome y’all promote Mr Extractor. I use both of these products to run my vape business. Guess I chose right 😬. Love ya!

  4. Sooo never mind the other microwave tech? With the 37 micron “for the cleanest liquid” how’s this 160 micron do on the wicks? Can we get a vid of how these flow in a tank/wick system all the way through?

  5. 1ml to 1g ? Maybe .1ml to 1g that’s a lot of terps for so little ! I use 1ml to 10g of distillate but I guess fresh rosin diff story with waxes an fats etc ! Can u explain why so much terps to rosin ?

  6. Guy's every time I watch your videos, on the end I can't wait for the next one!! Nice work, nice information and products for solventless, keep the work

  7. So are you trying to decarb with the device at the end or is it just for mixing?
    Seems like a great addition but sending people rubber tongs to grab the decarb press would be a nice add. I think you should expand more on vaping and why this is so essential. What vape cartridges should we use? CCell with ceramic and not metal coils. Where to get legit carts? Thanks for your help!

  8. This version of the video opposed to your last one back in May is so much better! You get straight to the point and no more microwave beeps lol

  9. Forgot to ask, Can you make a Video on De Carbing my Leftover pucks. (We use the pucks to make cooking oil) Edibles..

  10. Hey Ryan, Green248 here. i have a XP unit and have a question on this video.
    I have a hot plate with a mag stirrer. what temp should i set this at and stir for how long ?
    i want to fully De Carb this rosin.Prior to filling my vape tank.
    Thanks for your very high quality technology. Paul Z.

  11. Question,I'm confused, university researchers found that to decarb you need 225 degrees for 25 minutes, so, how did you decarb it without leaving the rosin in the capsule? what temperature and for how long?

  12. I’ve got the nugsmasher XP and would love to make my own carts.
    What kind of Vape pen is that? That way I know what to get when I go to the smoke shop.

  13. 50% cut with terpenes are you really recommending that? There's no way that's good for you. Hit me up on Instagram if you want to see how to make a real rosin cart without any cut and zero decarb. @drnononsense

  14. I'm pretty sure Mr Extractor recommends only mixing up to 50% terpenes to dilute. I haven't tried his products yet, but heard him mention this ratio several times in their videos. He did say once that up to 1:1 is safe, but usually won't recommend more than 2:1 extract to terpenes. Other companies' terpenes can be too harsh to use with even 10%, because they don't formulate the profiles right like Mr Extractor does.

  15. Do you still have to decarb the rosin if you are using the solvent terpenes ?? … other words if I was just using wax liquidizer would I still have to de-carb the rosin first,???

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