How To Make THC / Marijuana E-juice For Use In Any Vape

Learn how to make your own THC / Marijuana E-juice for use in any vape. 2:24 I say 30% of 15 is .4ml this is wrong. Its 4.5ml. In this video we make a 15ml batch …


  1. Yo it's not yet fault bc I typed how to make potent vape oil with 100mil cmt oil and 2grams of budder and 2gram of shatter how would u make it super strong bc cmt oil got the fatty stuff in it for the to attach better to the cmt oil or cocnut but about ur video bro by DB mix pro kit I bought that mad a oil of .6mil of 75%rso oil and a half gram of budder half gram shatter had and I'm sure u saw fake tanks out on Street like starcarts in dank cartlidges but top screws of on them but they claim 1.1g u can only fit .7 of oil in one each cart but I'm just gonna no decarboxylate the oils I'll just us canolla oil for bath watter and add cmt oil in cup get it up to 180degrease bc the brakes down at 180and decarboxilates into thc from thca at 225i figured heat oil up to 180dup concentrates into 100mil of cmt oiland then turn crock pot up till reaches 210-220bc if u go up to 300degrease it burns it the out bc only 3steps weed cunverts to the at 180and decarboxilates at 225but I go a lil under I'll keep it at 210-220 for 35-45minjust decarboxilates it on stove u think us 100mil cmt oil and getting temp up to 220-225ghen start clock 30min bc it'll take time to reach up to 210-220degrease so just cook it 30min on 225bc it'll take 10-15min to reach that temp and after 30min should be good right and fuck using pg bc I added 70/30vg pg and I got like 4times concentrates added to oil like .5shatter budder and I drained a few street carts that we're good oil and got a total 2ml from 6carts added that and it separated started to u could c spots like when a car leaked oil into watter I added 2ml wax liquifier to it and 1ml pg worked up under warm bath and never had a problem I mean the db mix pro kit liuifies anything together that u want it's crazzy but will I get potent vape oil with 100ml cmt oil 4gram concentrate 2gram of shatter 2gram of budder or crumble but I'm like u I got high tolerance to weed I just made 2grams puts some kinda way or starts with a j and it's a haze I made carts up till I made my oil since I smoked the oil I it's so strong that the .5budder cartridge seams week

  2. It doesn't work with pg or vg I've tried it many times lost so much shatter and flower… don't do this

  3. Is it possible to use normal e liquid and live resin to make it vapeable in a cart?

    Got a solid deal on 2G of live resin and it seems to be one of the harder concentrations to turn into a vapeable liquid.

    I'm not necessarily trying to make it super thin, just melt the Crystals down and thin it out just enough so I can put it in a cartidge or pod.

  4. Lmfao never use PG or VG unless you want your shit to seperate and fuck your whole coil up. Always use PEG-400 or 500

  5. Y do any of that just go buy some farm to vape wax liquidizer 2 steps and you ready to vape you thc not to mention that looks like a 15ml bottle and with farm to vape it's 30mls from one gram of dab

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  8. So all the companies that make wax liquidizer products say to use 1gram of wax and mix with 2ml of liquid. So in the end you have around 3ml of juice. In your demonstration you turn one gram of wax into 15 ml of juice. Im wondering what's the deal with that. Also can you use this stuff in the disposable carts? Oh and I have some real terps from my cuz in LA. How much of it should I add to this? I hope I get a reply. I can't fn wait to start making this stuff.

  9. I've tried this with VG, let it cook in slow cooker for 24 hours, didn't work.
    All the videos I've seen show using VG. in the comments below someone wrote that THC only binds to PG. So I'm confused.

    But don't try this with VG. I did another VG method, and that too didn't work. Save your bud.

    So far the best method I've seen for vaping is to simply press it to make rosin. Add wax liquidizer to the rosin to make your eliquid. It's pretty easy. Getting/making a rosin press is the hurdle.


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