How to make Cannabis Tincture Oil! (For Edibles) | Step-By-Step (Featuring "Magic Butter Machine")

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  1. So what do you do with the cannabis that's in the bag after you make the tincture? Would it still be any good for adding to edibles such as brownies or cookies? I'm like you…I don't want to waste ….NOTHING…LOL.

  2. Hey Potmom can i use the bubble hash washing machine to make hash and then use the hash to infuse coconut oil?…if so can you talk about it .please and thank you

  3. I use Trader joes Virgin cold expeller pressed Avocado Oil for tinctures, It does Not Oxidize, and it is Not Pro-Inflammatory Like all other Vegetable Oils. Also Avocado Oil can take up to 500 degrees without Oxidizing. But I wont get it above 200 degrees making a Tincture. 14 grams total, 1/2 decarbed to raise the CBD level, other half raw, so I get benefits from both ways.

  4. I use an electric coffee grinder that is only used to grind buds
    secret grind in spurts on off don't want to grind it to much it will become powdery took me several tries to find just the right amount to get the coarseness I wanted
    for cleaning I use a small paintbrush hope that you find this helpful stay lifted. 🙂

  5. I’m just wondering what percentage of wastage of your lovely 1/2 OZ ? I can see Oil on the side of the butter machine. I guess you can scrape that with a soft plastic utensil and totally get all your extract.

  6. Omg!!! Love it!!! What's the name of that pot/machine you have there?????? Love love love your video…you made it so simple…think you!

  7. I have a magical butter machine too and make my own tincture but I use 2oz of flower and cook on 8hrs so watching your video I don't have to use 2 zips???

  8. If someone is used to Vaping dry herb and never tried tincture of THC how you're doing it and wanted to do it sublingually after making how does one know how much to use at first ? How long would you leave it under your tongue ? How long does it take to feel the complete results ? Is there a difference between the way you'll feel versus vaping dry bud ? Is there a reason why someone would choose ever clear over what you're using

  9. Use a Electric blender to grind up your products. That should cut some time in half for you.

  10. Wow I learned alot by watching your video..when you opened the stove, I wanted to smell, it too…lol..Great job sis!

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