How to kill weeds easily with a weed burner without chemicals

How to kill weeds without the need for nasty chemicals, vinegar, salt or home made potions. This guide shows you two methods to remove weeds without any …


  1. The issue with weed burning is the weeds grow back in a few weeks as your not killing the roots.

    Have you seen New-Way alternative weed killer. Its vinegar without water so acetic acid. You add water to make 25% – 30% strong vinegar. This kills the weeds and its roots and only needs to be applied a hand full of time a year. Unlike burning which is every few weeks. Burning is still amazing though

  2. Thanks for this! This seems a great alternative to all the other methods you mentioned, all of which I have tried with little success! I like this method as it won't hurt the pets in my neighborhood!

  3. Hi Garden Ninja, I was wondering what you thought about a weed burner in regard to the root of the weeds! For example, wouldbindweed and marestailjust keep coming back? Thanks, Anne

  4. You are way cool and smart a very likable young man. Big thumbs up to this video. Hello from Toronto Canada.

  5. Thanks for the video. I’d love to be able to kill lawn weeds without affecting the grass if anyone has any ideas !!!?

  6. Thanks a ton for your video…will try the methods you suggested..also I am struggling to get rid of bond weed..any special treatment for that???

  7. Brilliant! I’ve struggled with weeds in my back garden an to have pet; I have a weed burner but never really knew how to use it. So thanks very informative.

  8. Love Barry the pup! Gunna get weed killing now… I have a Bergman electric weeder, hoping it will work to kill the grass growing through our stoned driveway, wish me luck!

  9. My boyfriend pours straight vinegar on my walkway on a hot 90 degree day in Tennessee in the morning, let it sit for 24 hours in the hot sun, then the next day in the evening he would take a grill lighter and burn the weeds in between the cracks, then use waterhose to drown the walkway. It was so fast & he did this in a matter of 10 minutes. Has to be done every two weeks, but it looks clean and amazing. Dirt cheap too!

  10. Love this-the down-to-earth comment about messing with vinegar & salt, done that kinda worked but not well. Now got my gas burner!

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  12. Much appreciation to you, Garden Ninja LTD! I have never even heard of a weed burner until now! I imagine great caution has to be exercised so as to not ignite dried grass or twigs or leaves & such, but I can see where such a device is a blessed gift to those who are battling against a very challenging weed growth! Thanks again!

  13. Do you have a video for getting rid of established sapling roots which are next to concrete or in between paving slabs which can't be removed without damaging the surroundings. It looks like my only 'real' choice is weed killer or wait years for it to rot

  14. Hahahaha! Darling…you made me laugh! Watching you all the way from Trinidad (in the Caribbean). Sticking to the environmental method! All the best!

  15. Love ur puppy 🙂 does this work on groundelder? I have loads of it and don't want to use weedkiller! Michelle

  16. I wouldn't think either of these ways will kill the weeds at the roots. Ergo, they will show them down but they will eventually grow back, right?

  17. Nona Ubiz you are extremely rude. What does it matter how he chooses to look – it's his choice. He might think you look stupid – each to his own. He's trying to offer people a way to remove weeds from their gardens not push his choice of hair style or way of dressing on anyone. For others who have made unkind of unnecessary remarks what has his sexuality got to do with weeding with a weed burner? People are so judgemental and it makes my blood boil. Live and let live – he's not adversely affecting any of your lives. The fact that he loves his dog makes him a good guy in my eyes – which is more than can be said of you lot. 😡

  18. Great video G ninja. Would you use this only on hard surfaces or could you use this on your garden lawn that has weeds and moss growing in it?

  19. Thanks for the great tip, Garden Ninja. 👍 Just used a weed burner for the first time, to kill the many ones sprouting between our back garden paving slabs – great fun! Much better than crawling around with a bottle of weedkiller all summer. We are not the best gardeners but nice to have tidy paving that doesn't distract from the plant containers.

  20. Hi garden ninja. Some qustions; does the weed burner destroy the roots or could this regrow a new weed? Also, does it leave scorch marks on paths and patios?

  21. Adorable! And the little puppy is kinda cute too! Serious question: love dogs, hate cats. Every time I prepare a bare patch of soil for sowing or planting, all of my neighbours cats, of which there at least 5, come into my garden at night to leave piles of their evil smelling excrement all over my neatly raked soil. Best way of solving this problem please?!?! I'm looking at you and that weed-burner and having very wicked thoughts.

  22. I have an area near my brick house that has river rocks in it (fist size rocks) and the weeds have started growing up through. Can I safely use the burner on the weeds in that rock bed?

  23. PLEASE HAVE YOUR GARDEN HOSE TURNED ON AND NEARBY AT ALL TIMES! I used a small propane blow torch to kill weeds and grass around planters. I was really on a roll until I came too close to a nearby juniper bush (very flammable apparently), one caught on fire and within seconds I had a huge fire. Luckily my neighbors were watching (probably wondering what the heck I was up to now) and ran out and helped me extinguish the flames as their hose was much closer to the situation than mine. I lost a good portion of our shared juniper bushes but luckily our houses didn't ignite. Oops..

  24. Barry!!! Garden Ninja, will the roots die too? ‘Die back’ is a term I hear a lot. Just wondering. Cheers.

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