1. Pot should be non profit tax free no stocks! People have gone to prison, even for life for a single seed. Politicians, their friends and family will all profit from insider information by making it legal. Meanwhile the common people who have had their lives ruined by it beeing illegal will not have the funds to invest. How is this fair to the majority of the American people? No wonder chronic pain patients are being turned away and abruptly cut off from medications that work and pressured to turn to pot. Those who don't either because it doesn't work for them and even from allergies are forced to live in pain or commit suicide. Many of those who were in the opium business now see an opportunity and are jumping on it and will be praised when they don't deserve it. iThe injustices I see right now are shameful and pathetic. All this will come to light.

  2. help me learn how to trade in the new hemp/cbd sector! cbdd, hemp, mjna, are they the newest boom? let me know.

  3. I've been reading a lot about NBEV, CBDD, and HEMP since the passing of the farm bill this week. what do you think on those stocks? are they the new hot stocks of this month or are most cannabis/hemp/cbd stocks starting to become hot? let me know, any opinion is helpful, thank you

  4. took notes of all the Pot Stocks mentioned on my phone. I get a sense that Mr. Harrison would rather hold these for the long run.

  5. How do you feel about the organic market for beverages, pharma, edibles, food co's. The Green Organic Dutchman ( TGOD) is the only organic play in the space. Any thoughts on this one? Aurora has a license agreement and investment in them I think.

  6. What's the development in Australian cannabis market? Didn't know aussi has cannabis industry…i will do some due diligence

  7. What about KSHB and ACBFF…im long acbff and im looking to buy kshb around 5.5…i prefer to own the companies with larger market caps

  8. Since investing in January, I must say this has been one of the most thrilling years of my life. Not just for the potential wealth, but for the true wellness that cannabis can bring, along with all of the varied opportunities. I would love to spend a day with Todd. He's super knowledgeable about the sector and was holding back from throwing up all over them about what he knows. I was disappointed there were so few questions from the guys around the table. Definitely, one of the better videos I've seen giving a tour of the cannabis sector. I know I'm pulling more money from under the couch for tomorrow after watching this. The next month is going to be insane. The ride over the next 2 -10 years and beyond is going to be truly life changing.

  9. This one is a hard hitting video. Thank you, Gentlemen. I'll probably be watching a few times over…..

  10. this is a great deep dive! thanks for posting. i still don’t understand how GW pharma’s IP is protected. seems like any pharma that wants to get into cannabis can as the barrier to entry is so low

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