How To Grow Rosemary From Cuttings, Two Ways, BOTH Easy!

In this video, I describe the two different methods that I use to propagate new rosemary plants from a large mother plant using cuttings. Easy, low amount of …


  1. Hey guys, follow-up video #1 is finally loaded where I show you how to prune your adult Rosemary bush before, during, and after it gets out of hand! You need to prune your adult plants about 8 weeks before your first frost date, so that time is approaching fast! Check it out here:

  2. I like fresh rosemary in a feta and red-wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar salad. The vinegar balances the rosemary's tatse nicely.

  3. Can you make rosmarin oil by just adding leaves in it togheter with oliv oil and then put in the oven for 100 degrees will this be a sucesfull rosmarin oil ? with crushed and dried leaves

  4. Nothing is free anymore. Unless you stole it. The water to water it cost money. to get the original plant cost money. The soil cost money.

  5. 00:42 I believe you misspoke. Perennial does not mean it doesn't die back and is always green. That would be "evergreen". Perennial means it comes back year after year. That means either the greenery, steams, and flowers die back and grows back each year (as with Hosta, tulips, iris, or daisy, for example), or perennial may also mean the plant never looses its leaves but the flowers are perennial and it only has growth spurts at a certain time of year (goes dormant during the winter, etc.), as with rosemary.

    Also, some plants are perennial in one area and annual (dies after one season and does not come back) in other areas, due to the temperatures of that area.

    So, rosemary is a perennial evergreen in most areas, but perennial does NOT mean it's evergreen. Not all perennials are evergreen. 🙂

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