1. Sorry your having issues in the grow room. I just got rid of 18 plants inside due to high heat. I also had bushes outside my house where my intake was that got powdery mildew inside. I like Organacide but is does have a fush oil base so wouldn't recommend it to anyone that is pressing flower ✌

  2. Just use fly spray.
    Spray it through your fan in little burst,about ten times.dont spray straight onto your plants.
    Thank me latter..

  3. spider mites are a bitch.
    try 2 tbsp. of dawn dish soap to a basic spray bottle filled with warm water.
    the mites drown in the fine bubbles of the dish soap.100% safe..works fantastic. just remember to rinse the leaves when youre done..it will change the way you approach bugs in the future..works on aphids too..

  4. Weird I had a similar issue with my peyote cookie in flower no bud development. I looked for russets or any mite I could not find anything used 100x scope. I believe it was root bound. Hope you kill all them basterds good luck my friend 👍💯👍🌱

  5. Oh No!! I agree, you’ll probably still get some good buds off that plant but you’ll want to check them very close for inclusions. Sorry for your troubles, that was an awesome plant.

  6. u hoping the buds come back somehow or jus gonna do something with budz? u have the exp im jus curriouse my dude, thumbs up ppl respect game n check knowledge

  7. dude….. thumbs up, that being said i feel for u, that sucks. honestly id cut my losses, id start clean hard hard…. i wana send u some my seeds i made check my vids if u want its free my brother in arms. u got it handled tho i been watching i hate the situation lol…….

  8. Thanks man… That helped alot…. You've got a great setup… I'm using soil but i want to get into hydro… Awesome video…. Keep killing them bugs.

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