1. Beautifull my friend,i love ghanja….;)I found some very interesting contents in your channel, so it is important to know that I registered willingly !! When you feel like dreaming, come and visit me, I am sure you will be enchanted …;) I thank you in advance, good vision, hello!

  2. I heard you should water at least daily to maintain moisture so it doesn't dry out and cause salt build up as well as adding nutes every watering… My question is this, upon reading the chart of the nutrient supplier do I use the same nutrients per day for that week? Example… Using grow and bloom nutrients at 2ml/L per week so do I use that daily or do I have to do some adjustment? Here's another tip, don't buy perlite or coco with perlite, it's best to use Cork as it absorbs the CO2 and converts that into oxygen which helps with plant growth

  3. Growing 💚💓💓💓💓Best video 💗❣️❣️ love you channel…i like this 💕💜💛iam new friends 💚 always support 💓. terus berkarya gaes SUPER like 💓💓💓💓💓💓

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