Whats up brothers and sisters watching all around our mother planet GAIA! I welcome us all with love and light and my respects, in this video i teach and show …


  1. Just stopped smokin weed yesterday and ive been doing all of the advice the water, the tea, sweating my ass off, and the diet hopefully i get clean quick af DID ANYONE PASS!?!?

  2. Episode one Alex was a boy, episode two he turned into a man. This is what happens when you stop smoking weed.

  3. I smoked 3 times in a 33 day span (March 9th, March 16, and April 11th) Before that I was more then 7 months clean, never a heavy smoker at all. My last time smoking was April 11th I have a LAB DRUG TEST 15ng/ml on May 14th so 33 days after April 11th. Iโ€™ve been sweating, staying hydrated, eating great, and detoxing. I am 5โ€™10 145-150lbs w a fast metabolism. Think Iโ€™ll pass? I passed all my home drug test even did one on my first pee of the morning. Think Iโ€™ll pass?? Please respond thanks

  4. 35 people who disliked are just them negative ass people who are not woke like you. People who donโ€™t believe and just pieces of shits

  5. Thanks G, smoked last week end, and passed my test one week after on monday, and I was cleannnnn af. Will still continue drinking shit tons of tea tho

  6. This man been had knowledge of Dr. Sebi while a lot of us are just learning about him through Nipsey Hustleโ€™s death….right on famโœŠ๐Ÿพ

  7. Today I tested negative on my at home test!
    Today is day 9 being sober and I smoked two or three blunts daily for the last 3 years. (Sometimes more)
    I started following what this man says around day 6-7. I drank a lot of water, hopped in the sauna, ran 3 times a week worked out 3 times a week, drank tea with antioxidants 3 times a day , drank a cap full of apple cider vinegar 2-3 times a day fasted every morning and took 1 b12 supplement a day.
    Thank you brother! I did this because Iโ€™m joining the army.
    Namaste ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ

    Edit: I tested dirty on day 5-6 and 8
    – I didnโ€™t cut out meat completely but I minimized it and cut the junk food out almost completely

  8. Guy sounds a little wacky but this WORKS if you follow it. Ill admit i smoke weekly but i cleared myself in 3 days and cheated a little by eating beans and nuts(stratches). Like and subscribe my fam. Also i put fresh lemon in my teas and water. I think it helped.

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