How To Get The Best CBD Hemp Oil: STEP 5

HOW TO FIND THE BEST CBD OIL: STEP 5 // In this video, I walk you through STEP 5 of how to find the BEST CBD oil. 1. How to make sure your CBD Oil …


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  2. I've noticed a trend now , some companies are extolling the virtues of CBDA, which should be there anyway if Full spectrum.
    Some are adding CBDAmg to CBD mg to make bigger CBD total, surely that's wrong?? 🙀😼

  3. Its terrible that people are taking advantage & its maybe just hemp seed, or hemp oil alone if no CBD! I've tried 4 brands now & know which 1 is my favourite.

  4. for those who are drug testing….how careful do they need to be when ingesting cbd only oil? will they only test positive if there is more than 3% ? (.3%?) THC?

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