How to FIX an UGLY Lawn with RESULTS – Step by Step for Beginners

Get the lawn you want! Get rid of your ugly bad looking lawn. YES you can do it yourself. See my lawn that I renovated in place and transformed it. I show you …


  1. Did you know turf grass is the most irrigated "crop" in America. It sucks up more water than the production of corn, wheat, and fruit orchards combined! Prioritizing ecological dead zones of non native turf grass over the production of food, Merica.

  2. My lawn doesn't look as bad as your lawn was originally so I now know there is hope for mine. I'm definitely trying this out and will post my results.

    Edit: Quick question, in the areas where no grass was growing, did you add top soil or a compost to it before seeding?

  3. Look at this water wasteful, short sighted, selfish foolishness. What a waste of time and money.

  4. Thanks for keeping lawn reno real. See you are using a rotary mower with roller. Have not seen one in a while. Are they much of an improvement over a normal rotary.? Help with worm casts? See its a Masport use to service these back in the early 80's in Invercargill NZ. Nice to see n New Zealand featuring in you work. Unless the US have bought us out? If so i might ask the government to build a wall to keep you out. Do you have any plans we could use to build one?

  5. Little tip for all of you, he touched on it but its very important. You need to do your best to keep the lawn constantly damp at the minimum for 2 weeks, not sopping wet, if it feels like a water bed when you step on it youre either going to intoduce disease or drown your grass effectively wasting your time.

  6. @silver Cymbal is there a cheaper starter fertilizer you recommend? I have a small lawn and don’t need 50lbs of fertilizer.

  7. Great video. Simple and straight to the point. I've been looking for ways to change up our lawn. Being hispanic, I didn't get that landscaping gene passed down to me.

  8. After you plant new sod, it will look good, until next year. Show us your pics next summer, dead again.

  9. Great video, thank you. How much time should there be in between these steps? Should you spray for weeds, then aerate, then spread seed, then apply starter fertilizer all in the same day?

  10. The only thing to be careful of with aeration is that it also creates openings for dormant weeds to pop up

  11. Great video you do a great job narrating everything was clear I subscribed had a question I have Milorganite down in my front yard and want to put it down in my backyard how long do I have to wait 2 seed and do I still need to use a starter fertilizer if I've used Milorganite in the last month thanks Simon

  12. I have st agustin grass and it is hard to get seeds from the store. Also, what do you recommend around ground level tree roots

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