How to fix a BROKEN or CLOGGED vape pen cartridge. Hack. *UPDATE*. THC oil cart non working. 2019

If I saved you any money ny helping you fix your cartridge, please consider making a small donation to: Venmo: @jaeandres Cash App: $j1220 This is a …


  1. Bruh. Genius. I always was thinking its the center plate and messing with it too much, most of it was oil coming up with the tube!

    Easy peasy fix.


  2. I had one of mine leak in my car I was very upset about this. I feel like I’m better off just leaving the pen at home

  3. #2 Mine has 1 coil wire and the center pen with a hole running through it and the wire had come undone. I just fixed it. It's a disposable ccell with flat hard plastic tip. You have to angle it just right so the wire will go through one side of that hole when you push it back down. Otherwise it's impossible to get it there by using your fingers or anything. Mine is working like a charm now!

  4. i accidentally messed up the two wires and i don’t know how i’m supposed to place them back. because now the cartridge isn’t working

  5. I can't wait until companies figure out how to make a product that doesn't break 1/3 of the time or clog. Sometimes I wonder if they have grade school students design their carts. Everyone from Raw Garden to Brass Knuckles to Bloom Farms etc…No one can figure out how to make a cartridge. If any other product broke as often no one would even buy the product. Companies are super lucky we enjoy the oil because their actual cartridges are trash.

  6. How do I prevent one of those Cannabis cartridges from leaking when it gets warm out, is there a better way to store it?

  7. I just got a new cart, it has the glass mouth piece instead of the metal ones. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to take the top off

  8. Was trying to fix the wire and it pulled out easily, my cart only has one wire and now its not hitting since it came out what should I do?😭

  9. so i took off the bottom piece & i can’t find either of my coils inside? it can’t be a manufacturing error cause i’m halfway through the cart. 🤔 im guessing they’re so squished in, i’ll probably have to do an oil transfer anyways. 🤦🏻‍♀️
    thanks for posting these videos! i was afraid to even try to take it apart before i saw you do it successfully. so glad i have a better understanding of these now

  10. I don’t have a battery so I used a Samsung charger to power it and when i hit it no smoke comes out but I still hear it working

  11. Holy shit Jae, you're an effing rock star! You helped me fix my tank. Be sure and mention in the next version of this video that some carts only have 2 wires. I just fixed mine by pulling the center contact pin and clear gasket out to find that both wires were running outside of the gasket. If this is the case, you have to look further down inside the barrel and figure out which wire is coming from the side and which is coming from another small hole in the center. Center goes to center, and side goes to side. This only works if you have a two wire configuration. @legendary gaming's To put the rubber gasket back in just put the edge of your thumb or whatever finger over the edge and push the other edge down with a paper clip/pen/small screwdriver type thing and it'll snap in.

  12. Again you don't offer solutions to the different points where the air flow might be disrupted…you're just like "is the bottom clogged? okay next step". How about you explain how to unclog those holes rather than explaining how the inner coils work for 10 minutes

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