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  2. Orphan, otherwise you become responsible for paying for emergencies for all family members medical etc.

  3. Even if you do find a good filipino women, her family will pollute her mind and you'll end up poorer and possibly with a bullet in your dome

  4. Fun fact last time I went to Philippines I ended up with Miss Lebanon but that was 2006 ! Just my luck ! Nice girl though!Next trip what will happen god only knows hopefully this time

  5. Just say hi. Rebekay is right. These are not American women. Simple conversations.

  6. BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL with South East Asian women specifically Filipina.

    These women are having sex at very young ages and most of that sex is unprotected. Aside from the possibility of contracting HIV there’s a very good chance that they can have children out of marriage or be married and decide to live to you about it in order to focus themselves on getting a good immigration in your country.

    They aren’t stupid. They know that if they have children you’re not going to want them so they will leave those children with one of their relatives and then lied to you and tell you that those children of their cousins or nieces.

    as a foreign man who can’t be there 24 seven you won’t know what’s going on because you’re 10,000 miles away.

    This happened to one of my friends who is dating a Filipina. He has spent about $7000 on her.

    They’ve had sex unprotected every time they were together and the plan was for her to marry him and move to America. He found out that she was lying to him about having children and having previous relationships because some of her acquaintances from her other life threatened him and told him that she had been previously with two other men and that she had two children with two other men.

    If you choose to date a Filipina that you meet on the Internet all of the expenses are going to be on you. It will be a long time before she can possibly immigrate to your country and start working. If she happens to be lying to you she will become a parasite on your money and all you’ll be getting out of it is sex and affection.

    If you’re an older gentleman who may be divorced or had your own previous relationships you might not mind that she has children or has had previous relationships but my warning goes to the people who are young and wants a young fresh wife that has been on spoiled. The problem is not country is that they will be spoiled faster than you can get to them.

    It is no wonder that you see more Filipinos on YouTube warning western men about Filipino scammers.

    Even her friends will try to borrow money from her-and never paid back-because as far as they’re concerned she has a rich farm husband.

    You wouldn’t believe the amount of parasitism that can go on if you aren’t careful.

    Unless you are already married and settled when you move to the Philippines you will probably want to have a Filipino woman because you can’t legally purchase a property in the Philippines. But the biggest mistake that you can make is putting her name on your property.

    Also remember that because of Donald Trump and the changes that he has made to immigration it will take you twice as long if not longer to help her emigrate to be with you in America. It will cost you more than $5000 on average and all of these cost would be on you simply because she doesn’t have that kind of money.

  7. Great advice mate I hope one day ill get to meet a Filipina Girl I am taking this all in great Vlog thanks

  8. Best way … stay off the dating sites, when you visit Philippines stay out of the girlie bars. I met my wife in a mall restaurant. We've been together 8 yrs and live now in Saigon. A bit of age difference . .no problem here. In USA I'd be ostracized for the age difference.

  9. That's funny, in the beginning you mentioned finding a good girl is like fishing.And then you go to the fish market to find them.haha. Good common sense advice Henry.

  10. opener: "What's the Most Amazing thing that happened to you in the last 9 days?" If she smiles and within the first 5 minutes to talking says, "I'm shy…." = Good Girl! OR i just get two handfuls of 100PHP notes, walk down the beach path in Boracay and somewhere near Red Coconut, I just throw it all in the air and scream, "PASALOBO" (yeh, know – letting them know, my cultural expertise) fast forward 24 hours… well. then i'm sitting at Nigi Nigi II having an epic burger!!!! surrounded by my flock of lovely henchwomen… is that wrong?

  11. Reekays, I am a Filipina, there some Filipina are not really good especially they working on a bars, but in terms on cultures and characters we have, we are God fearing, we as a good Filipina you will see or notice that we are shy, we would love to do the things but because we ashamed we always say no. If we have an interest on a guy webkept hide our feelings but we always looking on it. We as a good Filipina we always value the reputation of our family, and if the Filipina let you to meet her family she is a good woman. We as a good Filipina we always value the conservative character that we have.

  12. Just wondering but why are encouraging people to go to the phillipines when you live in vietnam ? With your experience living in the phillipines and then moving to vietnam, isnt vietnam a better option?

  13. try medellion cebu,spent 6 months there,woodys, kasino ,kiwi lodge. photos on google maps,seen you at starbucks

  14. Hi kamusta po kayo? I''m a Filipina and Working at the mall over 10 years.I suggest if some of you here looking for a good filipina. The first thing you can do ,Just make friend with some girls at the mall that you want to talk to. Dont be shy ,or afraid to talk with filipinos! Just be yourself
    We really loves to talk with foreigners.It is a pleasure to meet with foreigners even we get nervous ! Get along with those people
    and co worker around her .Just to get some information about her as well. Just be sincere to your words when you talk to her.
    But dont trust easily .
    Just be observant to her words if she is really interested in you.
    If a filipina will ask you a money .Well that is sign of bad filipina .Keep away yourself if she does nothing good for you!
    Dont lose hope to find a good one who really deserve your worth and attention!
    There are lots of good filipina to choose from in my country. Cheers !

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