How to Deliver Drug Money to the Federal Reserve | Mike Hengstebeck | KONCRETE Podcast #22

Mike Hengstebeck is an American Veteran who works in the cannabis distribution & transportation business. Hard Car armored vehicles protect & transport …


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  2. Working for your evil, power hungry government and bombing and murdering in countries that have never attacked you, all these veterans create mental health problems because of the evil things they are doing. The human psyche cannot handle these issues. Karma bites you in the ass!

  3. Let me first say military man can go ahead and go kill themselves they're out there killing innocent men women and children mostly women they're protecting poppy seed Fields they come home they get up into a fight with the wife and want to beat him up and it's the military's fall or the world's fault go fuckyourself the road is crazy and you decide to make thousands of dollars by going and killing people and now you're home enjoy the peace and security of your home no one's here to protect you

  4. 3 days with no sleep won't kill you.. I've been up longer on drugs many times. You will however start to hallucinate in the end, i start hearing strange sounds around day 2-3 and hallucinate shit around day 3-4. But having said that you can stay up for even longer, the world record is 11 days, without drugs!

  5. Dispensaries could simply accept crypto and this will reduce risk. Keeping millions $ in paper is way too risky. At least they would diversify and reduce risk, if this is well managed.

  6. It so good to get vets back to work..bring them back from a illegal war, to work in a business that is currently illegal in Florida..and give them guns, b/c we don't want them to commit suicide (Full Bird Colonel, remember). But look how former politicians and cities too can make alot of tax money and other dirty money from the DOPE business. They call weed DOPE because that's what the fools who use it are…DOPES, and the others who make money off it are called scumbags, but neither groups care. I will keep my sanity and money, you do whatever you want! Lets see who benefits.

  7. Canabis is a good thing, but what's not good is that so many people are using it for recreational activities and for fun that the people who need it for serious problems can't get there hands on it.

  8. We All love Ben. But this podcast and the one with manny were pure gold. You're letting them speak all, thats good interview. Cheers from Argentina.

  9. Показываю, как легко делать пару раз в день до 75 дол. на свою банковскую карту. Смотрите видео на моём кaналe

  10. Where’s BEN! We want BEN!!!!! 😡😱👍😡😱👍😡😱👍😡😱👍😡😱👍😡😱👍😡😱👍

  11. 3 days of no sleep? d d d DEATH???
    get fucking real.
    half of my rural ghetto denizens are apparently reanimated then.

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