This Channel Posts EVERY SUNDAY!✅ Step by Step HOW TO GUIDE for cloning Cannabis Marijuana. This is an easy cloning demonstration of the very basic …


  1. Sorry no Q & A. Lots on the go this passed week. I've been reinvesting heavily back into the channel I am setting up a whole new work/live stream area which of course become more work then anticipated
    Last Weeks Autoflower Update –
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  2. I'm having a hard time with the watering, and what is the appropriate amounts , and when. Do you have a video for this??

  3. I've been following you for about 7 months and damm I love your videos! Great explanation of what your doing! I'm trying to figure out what size tent I would need for 6 plants. With at least a 7 gal pot.

  4. Hey bro. Currently trying out your method of cloning. On day 5 at the moment, hoping I get it right! .. Wanted to find out, what's the height of your cloning dome?.. Thanks.. Great videos, super informative, picked up alot through them. Keep it up bro👊🏼.

  5. Trash bag full of trim, break dry ice about size of golf balls, put in bag, shake,shake,shake, and shake some more! Empty on screen. And the amount of trichomes you get is unreal!!! Put all in one batch of brownies and your one your way to planet fuckmylifeimtohighcallmymommy!!!!

  6. it would be helpful if instead of showing us a zoomed out view of you shoving your hands into a bush and pulling out a stem, you showed ACTUALLY making the fucking cutting, and how to select said cutting. this video is 100% worthless because the camera is too far zoomed out almost all times, to see anything of any use.

  7. I am loving your videos so far! Thank you for being so thorough in your explanations. I just had an interview for cloning/cultivation and I think your videos are great for grasping a basic understanding between hands on experience and understanding the natural/biological sides of growing!

  8. Thank you for this video. First time grower. Crop king seeds sent me my 3 favourite that I must clone Jack Herer, Lamb's bread and Sour D. Seeds just popped (15 hour soak) +(3 days under wet paper towl)
    I'm growing my own medicine (PTSD) Thanks to people like you I will have a successful grow
    Thank you again

  9. Mr. Canucks Grow, I am new to all of this. My question is, can you clone your plant at anytime? I have no idea how to clone and so far it isn't going well. If a plant is in bud cycle, are you able to clone it or is it too late?

  10. Glad you're back, I was so mad at YouTube for the way they were screwing with you but now I follow you on the weed tube.

  11. i started to grow just to see if i can and now i love it. my question is: how do i know when to stop trimming the plant of sun leaves?

  12. Thanks so much for your awesome video. Hands down the best I’ve seen. My clones are following the life path of ( outdoor) mother which is going into flowering stage. So although clones are still v. small, they now have white hairs. Agh! Should I put them under 24 or 18/6 lights to try and revegetate? Not sure what to do. Many thanks.

  13. Best part is this can be used for anything. All of these tips can be used to clone any plant pretty much. Great video and great information in here!

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