How to Add Cannabis/THC to any Vape (Salt Nic & Box Mod) At Home Step by Step

From flower to rosin to THC vape oil. This is a simple, easy, and safe process that can be done in the comfort of your own home with minimal material.


  1. That's really dumb to mix in thc into eiuice with nicotine in it. The nic degrades the thc and essentially makes it weaker over time.

  2. This looks like a giant, expensive pain in the butt. I’m not seeing much reward. Also, I miss all the other things I don’t get from most vape cartridges. Pure THC is a different buzz, inferior to the buzz I get by just smoking those tasty nugs. But then maybe I just haven’t had anything this good from all of the dispensaries I’ve purchased from, even though I have tried a huge amount.

  3. let the coil soak in the liquid for at least ten minutes, if you don't youre gonna burn out your pods/coils faster

  4. In my opinion this does not work. I have tried name brand thc cartriges and made my own shatter vape juice and neither of them got me anywhere near a high worth mentioning. Not high at all. Don't waste your time and money and of course, good extract or buds

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