How Smoking Just 1 CANNABIS / WEED Joint Affects Your Lungs ● A Must See!

This is what goes into your body after smoking only one cannabis, weed or marijuana cigarette. ○ You’ll Find all the Tools I like to use here …


  1. I get the point of this video and i appreciate it existing but a normal smoker smokes way more then one cigarette aday. Weeds bad for your lounges, I hope everybody knows that and if you don’t, well then this video is proof of that. But just because one joint is worse then one cigarette doesn’t men weed is worse then smoking. I Appreciate what your doing here on YouTube but I just had to say this.

  2. First our lungs are strong than cotton balls ,second no one smokes a whole joint in one pull🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. Please DONT EVER call a joint or a blunt a cigarette! Those cigs are plain cancer sticks!

  4. You have to smoke 40000 joints in one day to die and people pass out on 5-6 so it's not bad and you don't do it in one inhale.

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