1. Talking to people and watching videos all the same answer. 2 days of not smoking or detox mouthwash, regular mouthwash, brush your teeth cheeks and gums. This is all true but I'd like to see you someone truly test the mouthwash products that people are selling because I think they're bogus

  2. For People who donโ€™t smoke much but smoked 3 days before and didnโ€™t really do anything to get rid of the THC, I will let you know if I pass

  3. Heavy Smoker = 5-6 days x week sometimes multiple x a day.
    Chronic smoker = every morning noon night ( only for bums/retired/millionaire/rockstar types …cuz you ainโ€™t passing no test or getting a fuckin job.
    72 hours = 3 days

  4. I smoked today up until 8:00 pm and I literally have a saliva test tomorrow at 10 AM so weโ€™ll see if it works in under 24 hours

  5. Yeah i think it's good because most people that don't (need) to smoke pot every day to function should have no problem quitting for three days to get a job and those that have to smoke everyday to function probably aren't looking for work because uh duh they got cancer or something. So if you can't quit canabis consumption for three days or even a week for a good job then you should probably apply for disabilty income instead of work.

  6. Smoked a cbd pen with like .08 percent thc in it will I pass a swab 51 days later with zero use. Itโ€™s a swab sent out to the lab from my probation officer

  7. I've passed a few tests literally hours after smoking. 1 was 6 hours after, and the other 2 were 5 hours or so. All I did was brush and use Listerine followed by Orbit gum. Not saying it'll work for everyone, but for me it does everytime.

  8. Well I'm about to take 1. I'm doing the mouth wash, brush, peroxide method. It's been almost 24 hour since my last puff. We shall see, I'll report back pass or fail.

  9. Just took a saliva drug screen, but I was prepared for an urinalysis LOL (I had my nephew's toddler piss in a mini Dasani water bottle, between my legs.) I'm not a heavy smoker at all. I hit a j a few times almost a week ago (Prior to knowing these people were calling me back for this position for today.) Hearing that saliva tests only tests back as far as a few days is relieving. I wish that I knew what kind of drug testing they did prior to going to take the test. If I knew it was a saliva test I would have been gargling Listerine and peroxide all morning long, as well as sucking lemon candy and brushing my teeth, cheeks and gums extra times. Well if I don't pass this one, I know what to do for the next one along with not smoking for at least a month

  10. Is this the one where you hold it on your cheek for 5 to seven minutes then they seal and send to lab??

  11. I had Saliva test morning after the nigth I smoked and was of coruse Positive and 1200 Euros bill. Bang, if they grab me again Ill lose my licence. So I quit after 10 years. But I smoked today a bit and Im worried again, this is a Joke the fucking Saliva and the freaking licence points.

  12. Personally I think it's ridiculous to test for thc….. rather work with someone like that than someone doin BLOW OR PILLS…..

  13. I smoke 4 blunts a day. I took 3 days off & brushed 3x a day & still failed the test. Just legalize weed already.

  14. I got offered a position at my job witch would be paying double what I make now. Iโ€™m a everyday smoker for 10 years, they wanted me to go take the saliva test the next day witch was not much time to prepare. So at max I would only have 30 hours sober to pass it. Do you think I will pass ? Iโ€™ll keep you guys updated lol.

  15. I used to smoke one blunt every night for 8 years
    I weight 128 im skinny abit muscular I'm 5'6 I stopped smoking since New Years which is 17 days also I started drinking water and actually a lot
    I have a drug test coming on next week on Tuesday and I want to know what's my percentage on passing the drug test on saliva THC

  16. THEORETICALLY SPEAKING! Someone takes about 5-10 hits from a join on a Monday around 11pm – 1Am Tuesday. This person never smokes weed!! This person stopped smoking weed years ago and just wanted to take a few hits.. then this person gets a swab test on Thursday mid day.. will he pass?

  17. Hereโ€™s my story.

    I had a mouth swab test on Dec 14th 2018 at 1pm. On the 12th at 9pm I decided to smoke a nice 2-gram-blunt and and then stop until after the test. Immediately after that blunt. I brushed for about 4 minutes, mouthwash (Crest Advanced), burns like hell but works, and gargled with a cap full of peroxide, and ten downed a cup of peppermint tea to hell kill toxins in the mouth and on teeth. black tea works as well.

    I repeated these steps the next day and half and had a greasy meal the night before the test

    The morning of the test I bought listerine mouthwash tablets along with a thermos with Tea to the clinic and rotated between them.

    Now this is where it gets weird , I had a lab tested screening called INTERCEPT, the newest form of mouth swab testing where it is packed and shipped rather then done in the clinic or workplace. Once I found this out I decided to not take any chances too much saliva on the white salty tab, luckily the nurse didnโ€™t check after I removed it from my mouth…2 weeks later I found out Iโ€™ll be making 150k a year. The trick is to not rub it on your gums and keep it ina place between your teeth and gumbs. Bite down on the plastic part and not the White tab. The teeth carry the mouth toxins.

    I smoke everyday about 5 blunts of the finest northern Cali medicinals.

    Hope this helps

  18. I failed a swab test after 16days.. was driving to work when caught.. lost my job over it and am facing jail time.. don't come to Australia if you smoke pot, particularly Queensland.. they will treat you like a CUNT

  19. I just took my drug test today. Im a heavy smoker i smoke everyday. I stopped smoking for 6 days and just brush my teeth regularly 2x a day with mouthwash. I didnโ€™t do anything else just that. I get the results next week so just bare with me till then. I promise iโ€™ll let yโ€™all know if i pass or not. I know alot of ppl say that and dont but I wont let yโ€™all down i promise.

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