1. I think i like this guy. Mayb cus a lot of people hate him. Atleast he's got somefin to say that makes sense. Also reminds me how much haters can add nothing or remove somtin from ur viral status. Afterall the haters promote u in ways they dont even know. It even got me writing. Lol

  2. Dan Bilzerian is a "rich kid" who grew up surrounded by and benefiting from millions upon millions of dollars. His dad is a convicted financial criminal who stole millions of dollars. When he was in the military and "broke" making $800 a month he fails to mention he had a bank account with tens of thousands of dollars in it, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. He's not self-made in any way what-so-ever.

  3. Who cares where the money came from. Pretty sure you wouldn't complain if you were born into it. Hes turning an investment into a business.

  4. i could imagine him being in a comedy film. He has this laidback, asshole persona about him with a lil bit of banter lol. Should be in family guy or American Dad

  5. This guy can only beat rich shitty players, he's actually pretty terrible at poker and has a million leaks himself.

  6. Bullcrap alert – " i went broke". this guy has never been financially broke in his life. he has a massive trustfund!

  7. ppl never say "there except for the grace of God go I" except when looking down on someone in a tragic position……i wonder if successful ppl(by successful, i mean, they never have to work again) ever like curl up in a little ball and hug themselves and say "there except for the grace of God go I"….in other words, i wonder if rich ppl even realize how lucky they are…i suspect the vast majority dont and just pat themselves on the back for being "better" than everyone else

  8. Seeing a lot of negative and pretty clearly (denied) jealousy comments on here, but 2 questions!

    What value are you bringing to the world?, and why (if you don't care about Dan soo much) do you bother to comment on the video?

  9. Which church is the remnant only one but that church has been taken over and it is in open rebellion and apostasy from the leadership control and conferences

  10. There’s things happening that deal with prophetic history and world 🗺 history that most of people are not aware of that indicate that the calamities are very close those recent ones are from the devil soon The four angels will Let go and people will be clueless about what The Bible said and we will have church and state united and religious freedom will stop religion will again be creating the image of the catholic dark ages the pope never changes he’s busy erecting his world domination see Jesuit oath that is all you need to understanding the revelation

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