How I Prune My Outdoor Cannabis Plants

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  1. to me looks like you need some serious pruning on your plants.Way to many sucker leaves on them.The plants need sun all the way through them to reach the inside as well.

  2. Definitely agree i prune my green house plant (king lui, motor breath, gg4 and riddler before they start flowering. I prune 1/4 from the bottom and i been doing this for almost 3 years and so far its really proven that when you prune your plant it give you more and big nugs it also help to avoid pop corn nugs👍😂

  3. I am so impressed!!! I have made mine into bonsi (sp) also so gentle with them and they are responding so beautifully! my babies

  4. Plants look nice. I have to keep my outdoor really clean or powdery mildew will attack. No problem indoors.

  5. I like what your doing. You used the ground which is best. I'm not hatin on your skills. Plant looks good. Just the CBD choice. You obviously know what your doing. Why didn't you choose a bomb thc strain. I'm not hatin I was just busting your balls about the CBD.

  6. woot cbd plant i think your wasting your time on that lol…. cbd is nothing but a gimmick made monetary made system expressly over hyped in reality your healing properties in Mary Jane will always be from the chemical THC… a farmer myself will never waste my time on a cbd plant….smoked it ingested plenty of cbd tinctures and other so called miracle products never once have i been a fan of this marijuana culture move to something that truly never gives ya relief they like too tap in your placebo affect unfortunately……but overall great video on your trimming and well structured

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