How CBD oil could help treat chronic pain

Jo Allen has fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition that has a broad spectrum of related symptoms including fatigue, cognitive dysfunction and reduced physical …


  1. It works, so the govt will probably ban it. They seem to want to keep the population sick and stressed.

  2. At , we are first and foremost committed to superior care and supporting our clients through every stage of their medical journey. We are here to educate and inform, ensure you get the best treatment for your chronic condition or pain, and make it simple to access the form of medical cannabis that works best for your needs. Check with us for your health prescriptions and medical purchases. And feel support talking to licensed physicians

  3. I too have fibro along with meralgia/ migraines / dupertons in both hands.
    Had chronic pain since a car accident 15yrs ago. Numerous horrible meds that never worked apart from making me feel worse and giving me other things like hiatus hernia !
    I weaned myself off gaberpentin / pizotofin / amitriptyline and down from 8 cocodomol to now 2 a day and it took 2 years to eliminate all that rubbish from my body. I just received my cbd oil and am so hopeful it has a use in my life as I know there is no doc meds that will help me as tried most…onwards and upwards on a journey or discovery x

  4. I have been taking CBD for about 3 weeks now and it has helped a lot I work 6 days a week and it makes my job so much better

  5. Total BS. GARBAGE K now Im cronic as far as pain with lots of other issues with lots of inflamation. So far this is a joke. Doesnt help me one bit. The pain levels which are at least 8 constant stay 8 constant. I pretty much cant sleep for the pain and anxiety Im loaded with. Not sure where you find people that say its good cus I believed it till I tried it. Now my oppinion is I wasted money on junk. Dont fall for CBD oil its a joke

  6. Broken back 1973 30 year's on Paine killers.Fore months on cbc paste no Paine.After DR. Got me off pills detoxing me pain free days.IAM 71 years old.

  7. I'm so excited mine arrived today. Had my 2drops and just had 2more to go to bed. I'm so hopping it will help my day and sleep. I'm going to post a video on my experience

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