How can illegal drugs help our brains | David Nutt | TEDxBrussels

“Talk covers the wonderous complexity of the brain – the most complex organ in the universe – but one which often goes wrong – so that the cost of brain …


  1. Its a wonder you tube and government has not banned these types of talks, business as usual going down the same destructive road.

  2. Informative video, but what about dependence on LCD, if u stop use, You'll be miserable again? Or you won't be able to sleep If you don't use canabis?

  3. Take the chance and live without fear. No fear. No regrets. Love not hate. Think with your heart feel with your gut and control your mind.

  4. Terrence McKenna should be a house hold name. My God. Take back your minds culture is not our Freind. Take Suboxone not iboga. Take lythium not silocybin. Let your children become brainwashed by technology not nature. WAKE UP WAKE UP. FORGET FOOTBALL AND FACEBOOK. GO BECOME ONE WITH NATURE AND GODS CREATIONS THAT COME FROM MOTHER EARTHS LOVING GARDEN.ITS A THREAT TO EXPAND HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS WITH THESE NATURAL GROWING PLANTS ITS VERY DISRUPTIVE TO THE DOMINATORS THAT SPILL OUR BLOOD DAY AND NIGHT. WAKE UP

  5. The last thing the government wants is a free thinking population who have realised that there is only love and they do not require being told what they can and can not do.

  6. Ouch. Audio gone haywire, half the slides not direct loaded to video…
    The talk is okay, but this video has… ehrm, let's say… "room for improvement."

  7. Sorry , but how does he know that the human brain is the only most complex and evolved element in the blah blah……this cosmos can hold 10,0000…n ; million supernova explosions in a split second, that's how large it is , that's how colossal it is……….

  8. Best medical practitioner I've ever had the pleasure of seeing also a highly interesting man to talk to shame I was only 19 when I saw him

  9. Intravenous (I.V) injection's are downright dangerous if left to under-qualified-or-un-qualified people/person's enema's are grotesque and dangerous and insufflation or nasal inhalation is grotesque and dangerous leaving only ingestion or eating/drinking tablet's/capsules oral inhalation such as and specifically the practice of smoking such as and specifically the practice of herbal vaping such as and specifically the practice of liquid vaping and such as and specifically the practice of dabbing and topical administration through-and-under patches or ointment's but regularly whether you chain use/consume partially orally inhale or fully orally inhale associate/affiliate with certain personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's specifically problem personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's or socialise/network and the age you start-and-finish and the time you begin to the time you end are all relevant social-cultural/socio-cultural aspect's or nurture aspect's versus nature or environment versus biological-chemistry/bio-chemistry

  10. Mushies allow you to percieve and profoundly promote at multiple levels of resolution your value structures aka Angles

  11. minor quibble with his categorisation of autism being solely a developmental disorder – we don't know precisely what (or what group of things) 'causes' it, so that's an unfair claim.

    other than that, totally agree with his point – we should not be letting anti scientific prejudice get in the way of research. This doesn't mean that automatically LSD and weed are good for you – but that there are indications that they, or some compound in them might have a use in medicine for improving quality of life. The reason we don't know how is because for the most part we're banned with experimenting with them, and without that we can't do a whole lot of research, so it's kind of like saying "you, scientist person, go find something to numb my pain, but you're not allowed to go near anything like the opium poppy, or experiment with propionic acid" and then moaning why we don't have any good pain killers or anti inflammatories.
    Just leave us to do our jobs eh? That's why scientists are scientist, and politicians are politicians (these days if we're lucky some of them might actually follow the directives of political science hah.

  12. david Nutt prof thanks for telling the truth. respect coz you lost your job for giving truthfull research results.

  13. Stay away from modafinil! I got really into it a few years ago – it was such a bad experience and couldn't deal with the side-effects. I now use brainzyme, and it's much much better!

  14. if somehow greatness would arise from brain inquisition, they would he quick to " jump-in." The state is perfect, the identical repacement of an obtuse monarchy or the sheer force brute (Leviathans are perfect too)….lol

  15. So much left out in these talks about the potential negative consequences of using these substances . There is no free lunch … there is no panaceas.

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