How augmented reality is changing activism | Glenn Cantave

Glenn Cantave uses technology to highlight narratives of the oppressed. In a tour of immersive visual projects, he shares his work with the team at Movers and …


  1. if it wasnt for Columbus, you wouldnt be having a ted talk and be wearing a shirt and pants.

  2. All respect to him being committed but I have a hard time finding anything more lame than being offended by what one guy did 500 years ago. Put efforts into today's issues instead and try to make the world we live in a better place…

  3. This comments section is an absolute cesspool. I don't think the AR thing is really going to do much, but seriously, the vast majority of the parent level comments are ignorant, racist, or both. Why are you all so threatened by this guy?

  4. How tf are we supposed to see this AR stuff? You can't just log into "AR" in the same way you can't just log into the Internet. Is this via a specific app that 500 people will download? Or is it visable from some more popular existing app? This is only going to matter if people see it.

  5. Go back to africa then. Didn’t hear about the north soldiers who died in the hundreds of thousands to free blacks. This is our history. If you’re not one of us leave.

  6. Kurzgesagt: let’s destroy, not build! Is this monuments create slavery in your country? They aren’t a problem, you’re miss focused

  7. This is trash, we record history and remember people who fought and died because the civil war pitted families against families because of a difference in ideals. Even if they were wrong, people should be forgotten because they had the wrong idea? And let us not forget who sold those African slaves to the white Americans, should we not start to forget about Africa too since they sold Americans slaves?

  8. This is an anti Semitic rant in which the presenter accuses those that built a slave economy in the US of doing something wrong.

  9. Reactionary Trolls complaining because black people. Ignore them, they can't justify it.

    Keep it up Ted. Allowing marginalised groups a platform is the most important thing we can do, as a free society.

  10. Why can't we just put it in a museum? I get the arguments on both sides, but it seems to me that just putting it in a museum would be a good trade off

  11. Black people need to stop allowing themselves be manipulated by Cultural Marxism. African Americans were first enslaved in Africa and then sold to the Atlantic slave trade, but you'll never hear him say that.

  12. Why so many dislikes? This is the first time I see such a nicely paced subtly emotional and logical speech on TED

  13. Well, if we can't take the good and throw away the bad, I guess we have a lot of revisionism to do…

    Africa: the birthplace and current home of slavery

    Europe: Germany still exist, sorta…and pedophiles..well, I guess they're everywhere, but we have statues in America to demolish first

    America: ermagerd, there's white people there, I must be descended from a slave owner cause I'm white….wait…my family didn't live in America until after 1880ish…

    South America: Remember all those indigenous populations…? no?

    Asia: 少生孩子多养猪
    How many died from to food shortages of failed governments…? Or did they revise that already? Remember that time Khan built that pyramid? Like whoa…..

    Australia: Cane toads, rats, criminals, more indigenous people…

    Antarctica: Happy Feet

    Humans suck…but they also created Augmented Reality, where you can be a cat-person, so there's that…

  14. So TED just lets anyone talk now? No matter their accomplishments, education, how baseless they are and/or foundation of thought?
    He gets history wrong and his goal is strange. Forgetting your past is forgetting what got you to where you are as a person. It's a part of you.

    Forgetting your past means you are doomed to repeat it, we have to remind ourselves of the awful things that have happened throughout history or else it will be repeated.
    You know this yourself, when you do something you regret as a person, you don't do it again until you forget about it. Denying that this is a thing we people do is naive, we do. We repeat our mistakes as humans, some minor, some major. I'd say this is especially true when it comes to human relations/interactions, not necessarily romantic ones though, but in general.

    This TEDTalk made no sense to me, they claim this is such a big part of who they are and their identity and yet it's something they want to be completely forgotten? Who are you as a person once that actually happens? Some people don't know what's best for them that is such a dangerous place to be at.

  15. So many white people commenting saying they're not racist and then making racist comments. Yeah "you're" woke

  16. At first I was intrigued that a TED Talk had such a high number of dislikes, though still a majority of dislikes. TED Talks may occasionally be a little slow, but I've never actually beseen a bad one.

    Imagine my disappointment when I realized that the dislikes had absolutely nothing to do with the technology being presented, or the smartness of the speaker. No, the vast majority of them were people who merely felt uncomfortable bring confronted with the reality that a huge chunk of Americans are still being mistreated and discriminated against.

    A huge segment of Americans have reached an age where they are too set in their ways (read: stubborn) to face the damage that has been done in their name. Among those who do acknowledge it, many default to the preschooler justification of “if I didn't mean for it to happen, I don't have to fix it!”

    But even if millions of people will never change, each new generation is capable of understanding things in ways that their parents and grandparents no longer can. Educational efforts like the ones in this TED Talk can change the future and end this repeating cycle of hatred which continues to this day.

  17. Cool idea, maybe in an augmented reality women actually get paid less and minorities get passed over by employers who need their abilities but cant get over how they don't like them personally.

  18. Do you know how many statues we have in the EU in countries which were under the oppression of Russia? Ukraine was literally starved to almost death and this did not happen so long ago, it happened just decades ago… Or just look at Poland or Romania or Bulgaria… While you still keep grabbing to your "ancestors" pain… maybe start visiting countries that now have metropolitan cities built by the people who lost so much but realized that looking back to the past will change nothing. Rather look to the future… Gosh… I subed for Ted to listen to great speeches about great many social topics but the last three vids I saw was about blacks… getting a bit over this whole thing…

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