1. I had one dipshit grower/dealer tell me he does a four day flush in hydro lol, his shit was absolutely laced with nutes!

  2. Got more out of this video on flushing than all the others on YouTube, clear to see you know what you’re talking about. Quick and easy to understand. Thank you

  3. How does this guy always manage to make an incredibly interesting subject so boring….. way to go "sage" 😣

  4. Just don't stress out your plants by over flushing them, especially working with bio organic mediums and fertilisers. It's the most important weeks of your plants … Just like he said.

  5. During the last watering of flushing before you harvest, is it possible to use a organic juice concentrate such as blueberry or strawberry diluted in the water on the last water? I heard of this back in like 99 from an old timer and have always wondered about it.

  6. do not forget you can save money by flushing as no nutrients is cheaper than nutrients also overfertilisation is bad for environment ,unused nutrients cause extra algai in rivers and oceans starving other life forms,

  7. Bro. Thank you. I know this an old post. I have watched about three of your videos and I think your content is some of the most informative as well as being wonderfully articulated. I'm a fan.

  8. Thank you brother I finally found you thank you for all your advice one day I will be artistic grower your videos help keep them up

  9. Great advice. How do you define “peak maturity”? Is it a matter of looking at the percentage of milky trichomes?

  10. Love your work brother–thumbs up all the way–clean that salt up. I am no master–I do biodynamic and let the soil and plant fade it/reclaim it. No tea the last two weeks. Cincturing cuts and starches progressively.

  11. I can summarize this painfully long explanation in one sentence. Give the plant straight water with some runoff when 75 percent of the hairs have went red and continue this for 10-14 days. POW

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