HOTBOXING A CBD BLUNT (trying CBD for the first time)

my first time trying CBD/CBD flower and BOYYYYYY I have a P.O. Box! Send me letters and shhhtuff. Katelyn Fitch P.O. Box 1252 Santa Rosa Beach, …


  1. Cheesy Gordita crunch , cheese quesadilla, fries and nacho sauce , mild sauce , watermelon freeze with extra seeds , and weed all the way , cbd oil did nothing for me , maybe I’ll try the cbd you did

  2. Bought 7 grams of Black Pies blue berry pie, should be here on Thursday YEEE! I love the Cheesy Gordita Crunch

  3. yees this is the shit were here for!! really really glad u did this video bc I’ve always just smoked (thc) but have been wanting to get a cbd vape/pen to replace my nic addiction lmao but wasn’t sure if it would actually do anything for me. I’m for sure gonna try it out after this!

  4. There is a feeling of being mildly high , I watched another video that explained why , that the THCa is converted to delta THC after is burned. On some hemp strains there is a decent amount of THCa , plus what ever the normal amount of delta THC .3 or whatever , it is enough to give you a slight buzz. Plus Im a light weight so I definitely feel it.

  5. Wow👌🏼when you smoke you look amazing, so cute and hot! New friend here👍🏼 Check out my stuff🎣 Greetings from Germany🇩🇪

  6. I've been suffering from pretty severe anxiety and I haven't been able to take antidepressants because of the terrible side-effects I experienced. How difficult was it for you to apply and get a medical card? I honestly might look into it, i've been feeling so hopeless lately with my anxiety…

  7. it's not bad for a sub to weed , even though i do have a med card as well and in jan 1st it'll be on the shelves for rec , my spouse was telling me to try cbd flower i tried it and since she knows a distributor i can get a oz for 50 bucks a quarter pound for 200 m it calms you down considerably but used to get the feeling like you took the 1st hit of weed but not anymore,, just to let you all know you do get that head rushes when you take a good hit of weed , not too shabby ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  8. i have a lighter collection and literally carry different lighters in my purses at all times so that i never get stressed cause girl i can’t begin to list how many times i’ve had to go back home for damn lighter 🤣🤣

  9. I've had CBD gummies before but they didn't do anything for me and tbh they didn't taste very good but maybe it's just the flavor of the gummies but I didn't get high at all so it was kind of a waste of money

  10. I’ve tried all different types of cbd but my favorite is called Galaxy additive cbd!! I DEF RECOMMEND!!!!!!! It’s a cbd oil

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