This road trip has been out of this world and it’s only day 2!!! Thanks for all the support and good vibrations. It’s on out here. HOBSTERS FOR LIFE!!! Follow on …


  1. This was an epic vid!! Skateing, grilling and hot boxing! The trifecta!! I have never seen anyone just throw that much into a fire pit! Amazing!

  2. Sector 9 needs to come out with a Amazing Hob signature model. If Gravy can have one you definitely deserve one. You listening Sector 9?

  3. i just got beck from Colorado about an hour ago ..went to a dispensary ,,didnt buy anything good thing to…Denver airport has drug dog sniff every person flying

  4. what a waste,,must not be very good weed if you burning it like its garbage letting it all fly away…. waste

  5. Spent 7 summers n Maine nice place killer lakes but hi dolla place i bought a sandwich 2pc bread i slice of cheese and 1 slice of turkey $5.50

  6. you can't hot box with God son! haha love. 432 views for this content….. something is broken with youtube…..

  7. Marijuana is fucking stupid if u have such a shit life tbat u jave ro use that to make you feel good then ur the most brain dead person here

  8. I have a very good feeling that you guys are smoking marijuana illegally, to be smoking like that legally!? I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to tip your sector 9 bus off to the feds. This is bullshit!! The only fans showing up to your guys events are underage children!!! Better clean up that bus before you enter ANY state where marijuana isn't legal, cause they are going to be keeping the eye out now boys! Dreamer, right!?

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