Hollywood Approves First Cannabis Cafe (ft. Omar Isuf)

West Hollywood has approved a “first-of-its-kind” cannabis café Cannabis Cafe News – Special Thanks to Our Guests & Friends: Omar Isuf …


  1. Barcelona has weed clubs. You join the club & get to buy weed, smoke it, eat it, and hang out. It’s super dope.

  2. I just appreciate they understand how being “the first cannabis cafe” truly means that they are under the scrutiny of those who want them to fail in the first place. Creating such a beautiful place that genuinely looks like all walks of life could enjoy sitting down and grabbing a bite normalizes weed considering such awful connotations are associated with it and the people that consume it in the first place. 🤠

  3. I dont think people should be released but i do think their sentances should be shortened or maybe they should be able to live out the rest if their time on parole… Or even better they get a shorter jail time but when they finish their time it is erased from their record because its no longer a crime… Depending on what they did..

  4. Can I just say, thank you joe for teaching me math the best way possible 😂👏🏻 I understood that so well

  5. Man I live in the Netherlands and you don't get high off of second hand smoke when walking past people that smoke. So many times on my way to uni I smell weed but I don't arrive at school high af. xD

  6. Hail to John Boehner (aka Boner) speaker of the United States House of Representatives from 2010 to 2015.

  7. I’m tired of people talking shit on Kim for doing something positive meanwhile she’s actually making an influence and her celebrity is making these things spread in the media like it hasn’t been able to before because she has over 100million followers total on social media. She has impact. Beggars can’t be choosers

  8. My uncle did jail time for weed. I feel really bad for the people who were busted for that kind of shit.

  9. Yeah I'm on that list. Caught myself a felony for having a half pound of dried up plant matter

  10. Omar was right, it was John Baener (?). I’m from Ohio and omfg the rollout for medical marijuana has been extremely slow. The government has constantly added roadblocks in the form of multiple checks and screenings on distributors and for dispensaries to receive their license, and what products are available. Medical went into effect in January and we’re just now finally get gummy edibles, waxes, etc. Only bud was available until April/May when they finally allowed concentrates and tinctures. And dispensaries that had been on the registry since fall 2018 and are slowly allowed to open. So places are extremely scattered atm.

  11. Lol come to Colorado, medical marijuana is mostly 18+ and you can walk in to a MMJ clinic and get your med card in under an hour (depending on the clinic). Got bad period cramps? That's good enough for them 😂😂

    Also, the weed is stronger, you can buy more of it at a time, it's like 20-30% CHEAPER, and on top of all that, the tax rate for medical is ONLY 4%-9% (again, depending on the dispo). Also, there are like 90 dispensaries within the Denver metro area alone. Pretty lit 👍

  12. Does anyone hear elevator music in the background?!?!? Why is this the first time I hear it? I watched so many videos and never heard it before.

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